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Ash ketchum

ash ketchum is a ten year old,who lives in pallet town with his mother and he met misty and brock and they went on a journey for ash for being a pokemon master.but they need to save the regions,and he meting all new friends.and in nicktoons:crystals of atlantis ash ketchum and his all friends unite with the nicktoons,and they stop the evil snydicate from geting the lost city.and in the end,the nicktoons says goodbye to ash and all of his friends.and ash and his friends will remeber them forever.and in nicktoons the crystals of atlantis.he is,however,friends with crash bandicoot.

Nicktoons:The island of the blue dolphins Edit

ash ketchum has reunited to the nicktoons and all of his friends.and the nicktoons to unite the dolphins too stop the evil fishers men and the syndicate.and in the end the nicktoons and all of them danced too victory.