Finbarr calamitous is a villan and a enemy of jimmy neutron and a leder of the evil syndicate and he make a portal machine out of jimmy's blueprints and travel to new worlds like spongebob's world and danny's world and his world and timmy world.and he united with vald,plankton,denzle crocker,inNicktoons Unite!and in the end he fails his for world domination.and he was in Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots,he was in a game show called who is the smarter person in the world.and at the end calamitous lost to ChadBot!and ChadBot,sheded calamitous's mustache and he Whining.and after the battle of volcano island,finbarr calamitous has bring new member's to the syndicate,like team rocket,team magma,the black tulp,