morphoids are monsters created by globlulus and the orange goo they come in six forms they all have 1 eye an orange color and a blue antena

  • a little blob which is the most common one it atacks by stretching it's head
  • a more muscular one that atacks by punching,it has an armored form
  • a skinnier one that has 2 arms one has an eye that shoots goo it has an armored form
  • a jellyfish looking one that also shoots goo,it too has an armored form
  • a round one with four legs with MANY other eyes on the bottom it atacks by slamming itself it has an armored
  • finaly a parasitic one that gives the host unusual powers:squidward[unknown],bubble bass[grows large and has a goo filled mouth],gir[can fill machines with goo and control them aka zim's house, laser gnomes and robo parents] ghost dog[grows two morphoid heads and more resisant to pain]girl eating plant[grows large and has vines]