Nicktoons: Crystals of Atlantis is sequel to the 2005 Nicktoons Unite!, 2006 Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island, 2007 Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, and 2008 Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.With characters from Spongebob Squarepants, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, The Fairly OddParents, and Tak & the Power of Juju, Pokemon,Crash twinsanity, and Avatar:the last Airbender appear.And it is the fourth of the nicktoons


After the Queen of the Myrmecs died from a mysterious disease, the Nicktoons Heroes: SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Danny, Sam, Tucker, Timmy, Jimmy and Tak must team up with new members to find the mysterious lost 7 crystals and from their worlds,and unlock the city of atlantis and finding the lost continent of Atlantis before the Evil Syndicate does. To do that, they must use magical mood crystals which is given to the Queen of the Myrmecs to fight off underwater monsters. One day Spongebob and Danny Fenton and tak and jimmy neutron,and Samantha and tucker and timmy turner and the fairies have a arrive to volcano island and are here at tribe of the myrmecs to have queen of the myrmecs 100 birthday,and the queen of the myrmecs dies and gave them crystal that's gave's good mood and one of the nicktoons cry and squidward did not cry,and they went to the mawgu lair,later jimmy neutron found something on the crystal.they'er's a map in a cave and it's on west side on volcano island and it's far away from here,and jimmy bring new recruit's to the mawgu lair,and the nicktoons meet ash ketchum and Brock and may and dawn and iris and clian and max and misty,and crash bandicoot and dr neo cortex and nina cortex and they meet pikachu and rest and aang and katara and sokka and the rest.tell them wellcome to the mawgu lair, and AANG says what are we doing here one day,we were fighting fire nation until they have more army's and we all run from our worlds,until portals appear in our worlds. until someone's hand reached out of the portal and pull us in and take us to your lair. And that was jimmy's hand,and the rest says ewwwww!,And jimmy give's them a mission,and their mission is to find a cave with a map and on the west side of volcano,so they send the rest to find that map. so they went on a mission to find that cave,they keep walking and walking and katara find the cave,and the group went in the cave and ash find some writing on the wall,and it says (you will enter the maze and at the end,you will get the map,oh and watch out for some booby traps in the maze.and the rest went in the maze and pass the booby traps and get the map and collem went down and lockdown and the rest runnnnn! And all of them press all of the booby traps and the rest miss and they went out of the maze and the cave,and it's a ambush it is team rocket and team plama army's are here on volcano island,telling them to give them the map or else they will never see their worlds ever they gave them the map,but it is a trick so they fire their wepons and both teams got hit,they fall in water,and rest run to the mawgu lair,and they are back to the mawgu lair,and tell's jimmy that they got the map and they have more prolems ahead.and team rocket and team plasma are breaking in to The mawgu lair,and jimmy has one way out of here,so they their going to portal room and their going to amity park,to find the first crystal,and jimmy opens the portal and everyone went in,and jimmy set a bomb and the portal closes,and team rocket and team plasma has break in portal room and they found a bomb in behind the portal doorway and they run but they say,run!,out of our way,that's rude,( and one of them got out of the mawgu lair and boom and one of their minions got in the water and it's is fill with sharks and the sharks bit them and says owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!.) and team rocket get one his minions,and they make a new plan and their plan is to kidnapp pokemon and ash mother. And so they went to the portal to their world and one of them says.(hey you guys i got ate by a sharks and you i got boo boo,you got first but we got some in our base,and all of them are going to get what they want and let's go get them.)(and team rocket and team plasma went in to the portal and on of them got bit with a shark got bit,got in the portal, and the portal closes.)And the nicktoons and the rest are here,but jimmy says.( you guys i know where the first crystal it's hereeeeeee? at vald's mansion.) and the nicktoons are here vlad throne room. And they are traped by vlad minions and here and a lot's of words to say.( well well if it is the nicktoons and ash ketchum and may and misty and brock and cilan and iris and crash and dr cortex and nina and you guys again, what are you guys are Doing here i don't like your friends here.)And danny says.( alright vald hand over the crystal,or else will do it the hard way.)but vlad says.( but the drill in broken but it will be fix in the day but if you fight you never see your parents again,join me and i will let them go.) and danny says (we will never join you,ever again.)and vald says(fine then we will spilt you guys in to skuller island and walker prison until you change all minds.)(and vlad uses his powers to attack the nicktoons and the others,and all of them got dizzy.) and the nicktoons and the others are in skuller island and walker prison.And walker and says.(alright it time for all of you to come out now get to the now get eat or else,oh and i bring shock chips until you were sleeping,and walker walk away from them and going outside.) and the nicktoons got their chips off their legs and the chips went flying on the door button and boom and lazers went down.and the nicktoons went to fight walker,but ash ketchum,misty,may,max,dawn,clian,iris,dr neo cortex and crash and nina and the others.Wake up and they saw walker and he looks mad and he let's them go and iris says.(why are you not fighting with us.)and dr cortex says (yeah.) and ,skulker says. ( oh those new minions of vald has put me as a slave.)and katara says (that it they have gone to far,it's time to fight back our helping us.) and katara has slap skulker and he says(owwwwww'that hurt your going to get it.) aang calm them down and they make a new plan to break in walker prison,but ash has a plan they could fly over the wall.and they need skulker flyer and it is on the other they went to the other side and they found skulker flyer and they went back here skulker and the others hold on to his flyer and they went walker prison and the Nicktoons reach the walls walker prison and they went down, the walls and they found walker and he said,( no it`s my prison you are coming with me and how did you take off your shock chips..) and ash ketchum,misty,max,may,brock,cilan,iris,crash,cortex,nina and the rest and skulker are here and they are helping the nicktoons. and walker said ( fine i take all you with me bring it on.)and all them,are fighting skulker and walker was defeated and he said.( what do, you want!.) and danny said.( what was vlad,useing that drill for,but i know where the first crystal is,it is in vald mansion and it is under them ,and they say to skulker,(meet us at vald mansion.) and skulker said.(yes i will meet you,at vald mansion.) and ,spongebob said. (so you got a way out of here.) and danny says.( what i know one way out here it is to the portal so come on you guys let's go.(and the nicktoons and the others went to the portal and the portal closes.)(and the nicktoons and the others,are here at fentons network and squidward says.( well this an't bad) and sponge bob square pants,said.( you guys i think the people are control by ghosts.)and danny,said.( come on you guys, let's go and fight some ghosts.) and they,went outside of fentons network and they are looking at danny people with picks and drill machines,and danny said.(i think that vald is useing his drills to get all the crystals to unlock the city of atlantis and so you guys we could use that drill to get the crystal,come on you guys let's get some ghosts.)And they get the ghosts,out of danny people and they free and they were in the cemetary to vald mansion and the nicktoons.( yes all the ghosts are gone,and one more left vald so let's go get them.)And the were in vald mansion and they are going to vald's throne room they defeat one of his workers and they get one of his picks and drills and they made it they're here at vald's throne room and vald is here.and danny said.(give it up vald we have your picks and drills and were all going to get the crystal.) but vald says.( but it is finsh my drill and so that crystal ours but i have your parents and i will uses on you.) and danny said.( fine will do it hard way.) and skulker and his army are here,and aang says,(skulker!Boy,im glad to see you.) and danny said,(no to talk later now attack!) and it is battle to vlad armys and their armys and the nicktoons won the battle and vlad got away and they saids thank you,To skulker and they left.and danny uses the drills to find the first and they found the crystal and,the map shows the 2 sc and 3 third crystal is in pokemon world and they went back to the mawgu lair to get to the pokemon world and went in the vortex and their here to find the second crystal and the third crystal.they it is a trap. Hunter j and team rocket trap`s them and hunter j and the black tulp and the trio are here and they want the map and the crystal or else they will never see their friends and their minions bring trip and his mother and drew and bianca,and they are in ropes and they went in the water and a ship with a tube and it put it in water and the rest were suck in and they went up the pipe but they were stuck in the pipe.and bianca pull out her hand and the rest said no because will get suck in the flying Pspaceship but bianca pull out her hand.and the rest get suck in and they are ash's mother is calling help to her son.And ash will save her mother,and the flying spaceship went to team rocket place and the sword of vale.and they have some help from gary,and gary and use his umbreon and blastoise to attack hunter j and team rocket,and the nicktoons and the rest got away from them and they went after them, and they were here ato the airport and the plane fly to unova but the bad guys fighter shoot the plane and it got hit and it crashed landed. they are going to the town of vale to find the sc crystal in town of vale and and the people are taken to camps and the nicktoons and ash ketchum and all of his friends must save them from hunter j minions,and fight hunter j and she got away too and everyone thanks them for them saveing them and they find tracey sketchit,ash's friend from the past that they met.And tracey know where the second crystal is it is under the sword.And it is with zerkom and they went to the sword of vale and they open the door to zerkom they find zerkom and they found zerkom and zerkom knows ash and what is he doing here,?ash want to know where is the sccond crystal,is behind,Him and zerkom,give them test and ash the rest has pass,the test and they won the crystal and zerkom give the nicktoons and visions that their friends are in danger team rocket and magma and plasma and galacitc and the black tulp and the trio has pokemon and people capture at salazen grum and they must save them,and zerkom has send them to hightops and they said thank you to zerkom and he left,the village the is peaceful here and it is in ruins and ash's childhood and he had a flashback,a long time a go ash was a baby and her mother was good to ash and they grow flowers, but team rocket sent their army's to attack the high tops and the village and ash and his mother has left the village.and the the crystal was their and they were gone. Dawn wakes ash up and he has come back to the liveing,and ash know his remeber now he know his childhood's now he remeber his house and he know where the crystal is,it is at salazen grum and all of them are going pay.For what they did.and they went to salazen grum,but it is far away and they make the path and team rocket minions are here and the nicktoons the rest fight team rocket and the vortex dissaper and they went to door of the red desert and they went out the woods and in to the desert and they found a gate to red desert and they open the gate and they found the ropes and it is red with R on it and brock found a door shortcut to salazen grum,but they don't know what on the other side.and ash has chose to follow the rope and,so they follow the rope to salazen grum and they are finding tea partys and other stuff in the desert and so they move on to salazen grum and almost here and teams minions are guarding the door.and fighting them and they made it to the end of the red desert and they open the door.and they are here at salazen grum,and their a river and they need to find a way to find to get to the other side.and they're a door under the sand and the ash and all of his friends dig the door.And they went the door they're on the other side,and they went to the door but pices on the door are gone the need to fix the door and find the pices of the door.and the door is fix.And they went in to save and they were in salazen grum gardens and team rocket was playing croquet,in the gardens and the people of all the regions and pokemon imprison by crime syndicates from each regions are playing too.And they are playing with,flamingos and what ball are they useing porcupines but they are not useing those an more.And they uses a sunflora and hoppip and one of their leaders, hit a hoppip and they miss the pole they send the hoppip to cells and they went the door to get the third crystal.but it is lock and hunter j has the key to the door.And tracey give them grow berrys,and tracey ate one but to much and he was big and one of their leaders has found them.and minions make,him move to them.and tracey change his name to umbridge,that they won't send him to cells,and hurt him.And team rocket try to spare him and his life.and they play croquet with each other,and they need to find something to make him original they free all of them,and they find drink me bottle and the jubjub bird has got it and they and they bring flowers to life and staues to fix and they follow jubjub bird and it ,drop the drink me bottle.On the left side of the palace and jubjub bird he left.and it is guarded by minions of their.and they shrink ray to shrink,the floors and guards fall to the gardens and land,on roses and they were in pain.and they got drink me bottle.and the people are looking,for their ball and the iron mask marauder's is here.and look at umbridge,and he look at him and he look's like someone of their tells him to find their ball.And they find the ball in the hedges and tracey got two keys from hunter j and blacktulp.and nicktoons and the rest has bring them drink me bottle and tracey bring them to the other side of the place and they found the ball.and they,take them to the cells and make it hurt.And they did,and they are on the other side and tracey drink me bottle,and they open the door.On the left side and,went to find the crystal and pens they the pokemon and ash's mother is in their.and they the pokemon and ash's mother and molly and all friends.and crystal and they went pens to free the pokemon and ash's mother.And the went in pen of the bandersnatch and he try to get ash and the rest but it could not hurt it bring key to the crystal and they open the cage to the crystal.and they have the crystal,and ash mother tells ash about their past,and a long time ago ash ash ketchum was two years old and mother was planting flowers in garden and ash met molly and they became best friends.Until team rocket and magma and rest have unite with the evil syndicate,and they attack the hightops and ash and his mother run from the evil snydicate and molly family run with them to and the high tops were a ruins and molly and ash said good bye,to each other and they will be best friends forever.and the iron mask marauder's,is to get the nicktoons and rest and hurt like mercy. ash mother and friends hide,from them ash and all of their friends must fight him first.and they defeat him and they said they're no way out,your traped.but how are they going to get out of here.dawn and misty has a idea,and so they ride on the bandersnatch and syndicate minions vortex has open left and minions go after them and they got run by the bandersnatch and it hurt all of the minions got dizzy,may said sorry!.and they were back in the woods and the rest said thank you to the bandersnatch and jimmy neutron,open the portal and bandersnatch went in and map shows fourth crystal is in bikini bottom somewhere and the nicktoons and rest went in portal and ash said good bye to his mother and he will return to her.and all said good luck to their friends.And the portal closes and they were back to the mawgu lair and they went to bikini bottom and they went to portal and they went to bikini bottom,and once they get their was nowhere and they're was no one their but the syndicate minions are ambushing until mr krabs has save them with the help grandpa redbeard.and they attack the syndicate minions and they defeat four and two were left and they run to find the first crystal.And they are going to the krusty krab.but the path is blocked with minions,and they fight all of them.and they made it to the krusty krab,and mr krabs said they're were five people about joining us and find five people and they found all of them.and mr krabs said again the syndicate,have pearl and so they went jellyfields to find some one that know how to get in.but they found bianca in underwater and what is she doing here i told her to stay pokemon world and she found ash and his friends and she run to them until she was capture by two jellyfish harvesters and the nicktoons are telling her to look out.but but it was to late and she was headed to the jellyfish factory and they have to deal with them,and they defeat two jellyfish harvesters and they need to find a in.and they got by the flying dutchman and he is an's going to do his work forever he sending them it get his old crew because the it is blocked by minions by the syndicate and they fight all of them again and they free his crew and they let the dutchman to join the fight. And the dutchman went to the atlantis,and the nicktoons went to save pearl and they found way in their was sc door.behind the back and they went in and they found binca in a jar and they free her and tells,them about the jellyfish that they capture in the fields and so they free the jellyfish that they capture.and so they did it they freed the jellyfish.and they went to downtown and the syndicate are takeing to mind control room and the nicktoons are freeing them from plankton mind contol and the people got free and they went to atlantis because the fourth crystal is they're and tucker trip on the half pice amulet of atlantis and they come to museum and the halfs has reunite once again.and the bus of atlantis in pickthem up to atlantis and they sing along and patrick forget any songs and the bus landed in the atlantis gardens and squidward blames patrick the reck of the gardens and they're here at atlantis.and they went to find the crystal and they the syndicate beat them here and they fight to battle for the crystal.and beat them and they were in mountains of money room,and they found and pearl and plankton and lris are here.Plankton kidnapp lris and pearl by take away earrings and the gold and takeing over atlantis,but the nicktoons are here to save pearl and dr neo cortex is going to save lris from plankton himself and not going down easy he has a army and grandpa and the flying dutchman are to help to fight plankton and his army and they're army and plankton army battle for atlantis and they have won the battle and plankton got away.and they found the fourth crystal and the map shows them where the fifth crystal is in the four nations some where and they went back to the mawgu lair and ash said to binca,why do you follow us,and she was talking to ash mom and she send binca to help the nicktoons and you guys and binca join the nicktoons and the they went to the four nations to get that crystal,and they are here to find the crystal.and they are at the earth nation and they were at the village until they're no one their but fire nation army is here and the attack the nicktoons.and they fight them as well and the nicktoons tell the syndicate minions that where are people and where is fifth crystal,but he would never tell and the nicktoons try to make him tell.And he told them where they are the people are at a prison in water nation.and the nicktoons punch him in the face,and they went to the water nation and they found the prison and people are in imprison by the evil syndicate.And they found zuko,and they make a plan,zuko will attack the guards and they will attack with them.and they enter the prison and they attack the evil syndicate and they won.and they free the people,and thank them for saveing them.and they went to earth nation,and they had a much talk and they will join the battle.And at the firenation,fire lord has changed his tribe to the phoenix tribe.and the earth army attack on the phoenix city and the people imprison by the phoenix army and they kidnapp zuko's love and the nicktoons are saveing her they are at the phoenix place and ozal and azula are makeing mai and ty lee chase telling them where the fifth crystal is mai will never tell them the crystal.and the nicktoons,come to save zuko's friends and they fight ozal and azula and they save everyone and peace was restore in the four nations but they found the crystal. and both of them and the syndicate got away and they went back to the mawgu lair.and the map shows the,last two crystals are in rertoville and dimmsdale and the nicktoons split up and they went to two portals and they went in,and in rertoville the crystal is on top of the duck and they went to the duck fair in the desert and where they found carl and sheen they are joining the nicktoons,and they tell them that the crystal is on top of the duck and the syndicate are going up the mountain and the nicktoons are going too,and it is a race to the crystal and who is going to get the crystal first the nicktoons or syndicate,and the nicktoons has got the crystal and they attack the syndicate but professor calamitous. Has arrived with his bot and he wants that and the others crystals and the map or they will keep jimmy`s parents in ice forever. and the nicktoons give him the other crystals and he drop jimmy`s parents down and tucker save jimmy`s parents and tucker unfrozen jimmy`s parents and they thank to the nicktoons and they went to find professor calamitous lair,and they went to the town of rertoville and everyone was taken to camps.and it's up ash and binca and sam mansion and tucker and spongebob ,must save them.amd they fight the syndicate.And everyone was save and they saw a minion and he run but ash uses his pikachu lighting bolt on him and the nicktoons are makeing him talk.but he will never tell where professor calamitous lair is,but he got away in car and so they went after him and so they went in a car chase and the nicktoons.and they will never get him in time but spongebob went off and he ran in to a skater and and need to get those skates.and went to get that minion and minion bump the skater and his gut went to that tree, his that tree.and syndicate minion was behind him.and spongebob went on the front of the car.and syndicate minion,throwing balls and paper clips at him and he look back and he has plan and spongebob went to the back of the car.and on the road and the car went to a poop truck and spongebob went over him.he skates and the car,hit a cow poop truck and they grab the minion and they punch him in the face.and he told them where professor calamitous lair is in his house but it is under his house.and they hit that minion in face he went to slepp and they went to professor calamitous house,and they are here at calamitous house and they need to find his lair and they basement and his lab was gone and they need to find something to find his lab and binca found a book and binca pull the lever and the door opened on the right side.Of the wall they went down the pole and they're here at calamitous lair and lab and he has many inventions in has lab and they open the has lair and calamitous is here and he bring his wheel machine with wepons and the sixth crystal and the other crystals is on top.and the nicktoons must get the sixth crystal and the other crystals but they must fight his bot and device and they defeat calamitous and he got away.they got the sixth and the other crystals and they have the map again the nicktooons said i hope that our guys are okay.and they are here in dimmsdale a and they were in downtown and they found people kidnapp by the syndicate,and they are slaves are looking for the crystal but it's up to danny,timmy,cosmo,wanda,poof,may,dawn,misty,max,patrick,squidward,sandy,brock,tracey sketchit,iris,crash,cortex,nina,aang,sokka,and the rest. must save everyone and they defeat the syndicate and is free but they found cheseter and a`j timmy`s friends and they know where the crystal is,it is at the museum and they went to the museum. and they`re here and they are looking for the crystal and tracey found the crystal, but mr crocker has got the crystal and he has timmy`s parents in hostile and he went to fairy world. and they must save them and the nicktoons. went to crocker fortress and they were here at his fortess and may said it is made out of gold and our pokemon are gold to and they went in and need to find a way to fairy world and so they free the pokemon from gold.and they found a way they need to start the prisims to fairy world but they`re are seven of them and so they start all seven prisims and they went to fairy world. and they are in fairy world,and the fairys are imprison by the syndicate and they free the fairys and they cheer for them for freeing them.And they found jorgan von stangle and tells them where the seventh crystal is,and he tells them he is at the big wand and the path to the big wand.But the path is block by the syndicate and they went to big wand,but they must get pass the syndicate minions first.And they made it to the big wand,and where they found crocker and timmy parents and the nicktoons.Are makeing crocker to hand over the crystal or will do it the hard way,and crocker won`t give them the crystal and the nicktoons will do it the hard way.and the other nicktoons are here to help them,the battle begins with crocker.and they went to each platforms to fight crocker and the nicktoons.Won the seventh crystal,and danny free timmy parents.and the map shows them where the keyhole is,it is back at volcano island in the jungle.and sokka rembers where the keyhole,is and they went back to the mawgu lair and they went outside and they went to find the keyhole.And they are here at the myrmecs palace and it's inside and myrmecs guards are welcoming the nicktoons and they know where the keyhole is,it is under them and they dig the land.and they found the keyhole,and the nicktoons puts the seven crystals in the keyhole and the city of atlantis rises in the sea.and the final battle is about a new army and they went down to the sea with their swimsuits and danny said to ash that his swimsuit is good and ash said thankyou to danny for likeing his swimsuit,to find something to save their worlds and they went to Atlantis and they attack by sea monsters and the nicktoons attack the sea monsters and cosmo uses the crystal that was given by the queen of the myrmecs and it uses on the sea monsters.and the crystal uses his good mood on the sea monsters,and they know about the queen Of the myrmecs.And the nicktoons tells them that they save the queen and the queen dies but the queen will always be with them,and they the sea monsters are telling that the queen takes care of us and set us free to the city and the city went down under the sand in the sea.and they join forces to stop the evil syndicate and they went to king gorge and the floian tribe to join them to stop The syndicate and they have a litle talk and they join forces to the nicktoons and the next day the evil syndicate and nicktooons army`s are on the battlefield and ash said to team rocket stop this madness,but they won`t give up and so they sent the iron mask maraduer to battle and team rocket that they join forces, and they are going to attack the nicktoons and ash and spongebob went in to battle.and at Last we meet once again.and ash choped the baskilisk tail,used firebreath on ash and spongebob,and they used the shilds to save them and they fight to save atlanits and the basilisk and marauder are fighting with ash and spongebob and the marauder hit them and the,and their sword is over they're and they are killing them but brock uses his sword and his pokemon to hurt the .And the his pokemon uses his attack to hit brock and he missed the attack.and they said.(brock is battle,defeat him!.) and three to two army's attack each other,and ash and spongebobsquarepants.And the marauder went up the ruins of the palace and the marauder were gone,but both of them are finding them.and dr. neo cortex blasted the other enemies heads of with his blaster and may and misty are fighting annie and Oakley,with their swords and their pokemon.and max and dawn and tracey and aang and sokka and zuko and toph are battleing the jubjub bird and max throw a mud ball to his eye and he can't see,and he was in hurt and the sea monsters are fighting the syndicate army's and one of them hit,them and they fall like dominos and they hit the house of cards made of minions.and they fall down and they drop a rock on a catapullet and it fall on the jubjub bird,and they brock and james fight with each other with swords and pokemon and ash and spongebob looking for them and they found them and the marauder and his pokemon uses firebreath but they miss and they went up the steps and they uses the short cut and the and the marauder was near them and his pokemon almost defeat them but they miss and they went pass them and up,up,and up.And they were on the top,and them were on the top to,and brock and james keep on fighting.and brock hit james eye with a pin and he try's to uses his attack on him,and ash and spongebob get on And they say,(for the pokemon)And ash and spongebob and was defeated and his body went on the land.and the got and miss black tulp dress and mud went on her.and team rocket's boss and the syndicate were taked away to they're palace's and danny said.(well i forgot what they got what they coming for and will,never see the syndicate again.)and they went down to the lost city of atlantis and they went to the throne room and they found a door to tresure room with gold and jewels and they save the last of them and ash,misty,tracey,brock,may,max,dawn,binca,cilan,iris,aang,crash dr. cortex nina and the rest.Says goodbye to the nicktoons and the went in the portal,and the syndicate are gone for good.And the end for all that reals.and in this scene amd the syndicate in their cells and the floian try's to free the syndicate with a key and he free them from they're cells and the syndicate hurt him and they went to make new plan for payback.


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