Nicktoons: The Search for the Gems of the Ultimate Gauntlet is the fifth video game of the Nicktoons Unite! trilogy.


November 15, 2011


Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 2, Wii and Xbox 360


Now 5 years later, Jimmy is now 18 and is leaving for college, Cerebric Academy, and gives Danny the mantle of his leadership to the Nicktoons. And when Dorkus arrives to steal a weapon known as the Ultimate Gauntlet, he plans to find 6 gems of it, and Vlad wants it for himself to bend the universe to make as his own. And Danny calls Timmy, Tak, Spongebob, Sheen, his cousin Dani and a new recruit Mikey Simons to help retrieve the 6 gems and stop Dorkus and Vlad.


  • Danny Phantom
  • Timmy Turner
  • Tak
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Sheen Estevez
  • Dani Fenton
  • Mikey Simon

Other PlayablesEdit

  • Sam Manson
  • Patrick Star
  • Guano
  • Tucker Foley
  • Sandy Cheeks


  • Jimmy Neutron


  • King Goobot
  • Remy Buxaplenty and Juandissimo Magnifico
  • Nocturne
  • Penelope Spectra and Bertrand
  • Vlad Plasmius
  • Skulker
  • The Destructinator
  • Dorkus and Princess Mandie
  • Jimmy Neutron (accidently turned evil after knowing about the Gauntlet and became the Ancient Warrior of the Darkness)


  • Level 1: Outer Space (Playables: Spongebob and Sheen)(Boss: King Goobot)
  • Level 2: Fairy World Olympus (Playables: Timmy and Mikey Simon)(Bosses: Remy Buxaplenty and Juandissimo Magnifico)
  • Level 3: Amity Park Nightmare (Playables: Danny Phantom and Sam Manson)(Boss: Nocturne)
  • Level 4: Bikini Bottom (Playables: Dani Fenton and Patrick Star)(Bosses: Penelope Spectra and Bertrand)
  • Level 5: Intergalactic Showdown (Playables: Mikey Simon and Sheen Estevez)(Boss: Meldar in Challenge)
  • Level 6: Vlad's Satellite (Playables: Dani Fenton and Guano)(Boss: Vlad Plasmius)
  • Level 7: Amity Park (Playables: Tak and Tucker)(Boss: Skulker)
  • Level 8: Destructinate World (Playables: Sheen Estevez and Sandy Cheeks)(Boss: Destructinator)
  • Level 9: Vessel of Portentia (Playables: All)(Boss: Vlad, Dorkus and King Goobot)
  • Level 10: Dorkus' Ship (Playables: Spongebob and Dani Fenton)(Boss: Dorkus and Princess Mandie)
  • Final Level: Cerebric Underworld Academy (Playables: All)(Boss: Dark Jimmy Neutron)