(mean while at bikini bottom and at the krusty krab)


Squidward: I need two krabby patty's and four kelp shakes

(and something landed on the roof of the krusty krab and mr krab's went right out of his his offce and he calls sponge bob and squidward.)

mr krabs: spongebob and squidward!.

Squidward and Spongebob:yes mr krabs.

Mr krabs:there's something on the roof and is not plankton and it's breaking the roof.

spongebob:hey,you two what is that stuff?.

mr krabs and squidward:(And the ooZoids break down the krusty krab and the oozoids ooze went down on squidward and mr krabs and the ooze went off of squidward and mr krabs and squidward and the ooze made clones and they oozoid squidward and oozoid mr krabs calls the others and they take mr krabs and squidward,to the lair and they call spongebob,and they went after spongebob and takeing him to.

Spongebob:ahhhhhhhh,(and spongebob tell everyone to run and spongebob run with everyone runing and spongebob and spongebob went to a building and he went behind it and said i think were going to be late for feeding)


spongebob:i don't,know but don't let it get it on you

patrick:what is that?

Squidward oozoid:(and oozoid squidward and his army were behind spongebob and patrick and spongebob said!.)

spongebob:that's why!

patrick:what are we going to do now?

Spongebob:jimmy neutron!

Jimmy neutron:quick get in,the portal!

Spongebob:hold on,what about squidward and mr krabs and look patrick is here!.

jinmmy neutron:it's ok you can bring patrick along and we can save bikini bottom together.

Jimmy neutron:now!,(and spongebob,patrick,jimmy,went in the portal and the town was taken over by the,oozoids and makeing the people in to mind control slaves.

(To be continue)

cutscene 2 Edit

(Mean while at the mawgu lair)

spongebob:the mawgu lair!

Jimmy neutron: don't touch my invention i,don't know what it does yet?.

Danny fenton:were all under attack,those things are taking over,amity park,binkini bottom,