Facts About Nicktoons Unite!Edit

Nicktoons Unite! is a television series adaption of the story of the same name. It also later utilizes story elements from its three sequels, Battle for Volcano Island, Attack of the Toybots, and Globs of Doom. After defeating the Evil Syndicate, Danjhely the Firefly Dingo, Skunkaroo, Jimmy, Timmy, SpongeBob and Danny decide to form a hero team similar to that of the Teen Titans and the Kids Next Door. They make the name NJT (Nicktoons Justice Team). Their goal is to become the greatest heroes of all time. As they progress throughout their missions, Carlie McGill the Little blue violet dingo pup helps Danjhely to get her team saved, the NJT sees new members. Danny's cousin, Dani Phantom (with an i and one n), SpongeBob's friend Patrick, Tak, Zim (Sorta) and eventually, a new threat arises, causing our heroes to come to the rescue. Also, at first, the NJT's base of operations is located in Jimmy's lab, but later they move to the Mawgu's lair on Volcano Island. They battle various villains together throughout their missions.

Original SeriesEdit

Mission 1A: Beginning [Objective: Team Up. Defeat Evil Syndicate. Establish NJT] [Success]

Mission 2B: Art [Objective: Defeat Artisticus] [Success]

Mission 3A: Rat [Objective: Defeat Population Of Irradiated Rats. Defeat Leader Of Rats] [Success]

Mission 4B: Bikini Bottom [Objective: Save Bikini Bottom From Plankton. Rescue Mr. Krabs] [Success]

Mission 5A: Goddard [Objective: Subdue And Clean Goddard Of Glitch Bug] [Success]

Mission 5B: Yardley [Help Danjhely and Skunkaroo saved her APT from Blondie the Kangaroo]

Mission 6B: Pacific Rider [Objective: Defeat Pacific Rider] [Success]

Mission 7A: Vlad [Objective: Pull Vlad Out Of Team Members. Defeat Vlad Plasmius] [Success]

Mission 8B: Yeti [Objective: Search For Abominable Snowman] [Success]

Mission 9A: Blackness [Objective: Defeat Blackness] [Success]

Mission 10B: Whirlpool [Objective: Discover The World Beyond The Whirlpool] [Success]

Mission 11B: Attic [Objective: Clean Jimmy's Attic. Fend Off Dust Bunnies] [Success]

Mission 12A: Island [Objective: Search For Uncharted Islands. Defeat Murderous Shark] [Success]

Mission 13B: Yokians [Objective: Defeat King Goobot] [Success]

Mission 14A: Coconut [Objective: Create The Ultimate Coconut Shooter] [Success]

Mission 15B: Race [Objective: Participate in a racing competition] [Success]

Mission 16A: Fairy [Objective: Rescue the fairies from Crocker] [Success]

Mission 17B: Dog [Objective: Rescue Goddard] [Success]

Mission 18A: Candy [Objective: Fight for the stolen candy] [Success]

Mission 19B: Evil Syndicate Revival [Objective: Defeat Evil Syndicate again] [Success]

Mission 20A: Jellyfish [Objective: Observe jellyfish and protect them] [Success]

Mission 21B: Tree [Objective: Save trees from being cut down] [Success]

find out what pokemon is it and look out of it's aura sphere and that man resscue them.and tfind out who is he and find the riolu and he was on a tree and hunter j's men was here in jimmy's backyard and defeat them by unite that man and geting inside the house.and and find out who is that man.and he is a pokemon ranger and say hi too officer jenny and sloana and find out why is riolu is after this riolu because they want on the black market to be sold by the evil syndicate and that man.And that night cindy and libby were kidnapped by hunter j.and their house was burned.and that day the nicktoons were investigating that cindy and libby were kidnapped.and they have massage to hunter j and she tells the nicktoons that [If you want too see your friends me at the candy bar at midnight or else you will never see your friends again.]and make a new plan and at another night they meet at the candy bar and as hunter j as well and tell the nicktoons to bring the riolu too her or else aof paper.and then beautiful gorgeous.tell the rest that things are not going so well.and then.and woman was here and she has pokemon.and he went too find some one.and professor calamitous just saw some one.and then she has found charles.and she tells her that the mighty accelguard.and is lame and in the building.and then help rose get from detection.and help her attack a torchwood worker.and explore torchwood and help her find the void sphere.then they meet the doctor's old friend.and then the professor calamitous has sented mandie to find who is she.and mandie tells her that what's her name.and then she has gone with the doctor.and she got mad and destroyed a bathroom.and she went back too the rest.and then she tells them that she is a member of the police.and then at the command center the workers were useing the ghost shift.and then the the nicktoons.were here and then the shift just get more ghosts around the worlds.and then the nicktoons just saw their worlds are full of ghosts.and then they transform and they saw group of cybermen.amd then they just saw an army of cybermen.and they invaded their homes and they were taking over torchwood and destroying everything.and they went too the void ship and then it was not their's and then they maked their technology.and then they telled rose and mickey smith that we battle the daleks and the cybermen and the evil syndicate.and then they disappeared and then the cybermen want the sphere in their possession.and then sphere opened and then four daleks are here and they are here on earth.and they are going to exterminate all the people.and then the cybermen leader has transmited the other cybermen and then the cybermen inprisoning the workers and then two cybermen were obeying their orders.and then the daleks tell dr.singh was with the doctor friends and the daleks are with the time lords device called the geneis ark.and then the daleks were taking information.from him.and then they sented thay too see the cybermen and then someone they know.and then thay and then the cybermen and then calamitous and mandie has found thay and they identified their self and then they used talking too unite both of them and then ash ketchum was here and so is iris.and then they just traped them with nets and shot them with darts.and then they were just teleported and then the cyber leader has just telled the nicktoons that they have won war.and danny tells them that this not war this is madness.and they have 5.000,000,000 million cybermen and four daleks.and then how more of the nicktoons have.and then the cybermen leader has taking people to be upgradeing and then they just sented jackie tyler and a woman to be upgraded into cybermen.and then jackie was blameing the doctor.for betreying her.and then the daleks were moving them.out of their way.and then calamitous was calling anti wanda and hotte ho tep and the other worldy creature and the phantom car and foop and The atomic flounder and team galactic and moth and the sininter sulg and the robber and the bank robber and the mawgu and plankton cousins and sideshow bob and yzma,and the.and then defeat the daleks by useing the power blasters.and then the daleks tell them that they care about their friends.and they kidnapped people like anastasia,dirk Cameron,ash ketchum,clian,iris,dawn,sarah,ethan,benny,erica,jane,the wise old crab,penguins,marline,king julian,mort,morice,burt,and gary.and then the cybermen was upgradeing the workers into cybermen.and then jackie was here and so is linda and hartman and then hartman was too had too have her brain removed.and then both of them talked and then she screamed.and then the cyberleader tells the the doctor that emotions destory him and the doctor was right.amd then somemen were defeating the cybermen and their leader.and then their leader is jack simmonds.and then the cybermen were removeing linda's and jackie's brains.and then the cybermen tells their leader was dead.and then he was gived too be leader.and then jackie and linda escaped.and then the nicktoons the doctor went to his parallel universe and then they meet pete tyler and knows that the cybermen are gone and they have not find them for years.and then then the doctor and then the nicktoons needed to make a phone call.and jackie and linda were going down the steps.and then ash tells them where are.they are going down at d.3 and they keep going down.and then and jack simmmonds that they needed to go back.and then they return to earth to make truce with the cybermen and attack the daleks.and then rose thinks that her touch.does work on that dalek in the past.and then the daleks can't work the ark is time lord tech.and then the daleks were making rose to put her hand the ark.and then the doctor and the nictoons were here to resscue the rest.and then daleks were called dalek thay,sec,jast and dalek caan.and then the nicktoons remembers.their because they are cult of skarro.then they break down the door then the humans and cybermen attack the daleks then the cyberleader was transmiting the cybermen to get too torchwood then the people were afrid of them.look out then take cover.then mickey smith was puting his hand on the ark and escape and free the rest.block the door.the daleks defeated the cybermen and the ark is their's and they went top hanger.then jackie went down steps and cybermen were going up and jackie run up,opened the door,then the cybermen found.then upgraded her.then she was resscued by the doctor.they have lot of talk.then the daleks were breaking down the door and then the cybermen and the humans attacked the daleks.then the doctor was geting teleporting devices.then take cover.they run too the top or they could take the elevator.then professor calamitous and sec were going to the top and the doctor then the nicktoons then the others.they beat them here.then more daleks went out the ark.and then the nicktoons and the doctor were looking out side.then the doctor saided that ark is a prison ship.then the daleks and cybermen were uniteing their selfs.then the dalek leader was telling to exterminate all life forms down below.then the doctor and the nicktoons were making a stop the cybermen then the daleks.then the doctor uses the glasses on rose.then rose uses the glasses to see the void stuff.then the doctor had an idea.then they put the teleportaion devices on the wall.then the four daleks were coming through the glass.then rose and the doctor was pulling the levers.then the void opened then the daleks were geting sucked in.then the cybermen was geting sucked in too.then sec escaped with his shift.then the ark was destoryed.then sucked into the void.then rose was geting sucked too.then her father saved her.then he sented her back too his universe.then the void closes.then team vanillite was teleported because the escaped the battle of the cybermen and daleks and humans.then their leader is not the only one who has villian and he transforms into a villian and then they destoryed the doctor and then the mighty asccleguard come's to the rescue and him save the doctor.and then the mighty asccleguard has defeated them and then they went too jail and his mission continued's and ash's pokemon adventure moves on.and then at the beach the doctor sayed goodbye too rose and jackie and then.say good bye too the doctor.epilogue:and in this epilogue the doctor sees a mysterous bride] [Success]

Mission 35: iris n'santiy part 1 of 3 [iris has turned into a cowgirl again.then find the brain in their machine.and then her brain went fly into their portal machine.and then they need the others too go after her brain then in the inner world.her brain went bounceing on the land.and then in the castle.princess sparkle has being playing with her spider and then some thing has flyed too her window and then she screamed.and then she touched it and then it talked and then she just put it inside her jar.and then cortex came back to the crew and danny told him about the ruckus.this time,he was not angry,oh no no no no,HE WAS SO MAD ABOUT HER WIFE THAT HE EXPODED WITH ANGER!!!then jimmy told him to calm down and stop.but then cortex told him to hire 2 new recruits to the team,those people were scrat from ice age and cookie monster from sesame cortex and the others had to go visit sesame street and talk to some of the other people at sesame street to witness they first met with elmo to tell him where is iris.then the princess tells the others that this brain went too her window.and hunter looks at that brain looks familler and hunter tells the others that this is iris and gasped because that is iris.and they called the others because it's iris.and then others and the nicktoons went too the inner world.then to be continued ] [Success]

Mission 36: iris n'santiy 2 of 3 [mean while.iris brain is in the inner world.and then calamitous spy's have found iris's brain.and then the nicktoons have too go get it.and then the next day.the spider riders were waiting for them and.then some thing have breaked into the castle.and then the spiders were going out too look.and then it was calamitous,plankton,captain gut and his pirates,mr burns,crocker,beauitful goreous,team rocket,calamitous's bot,foop,dark laser,vicky.were here too get iris brain and surennder to the syndicate.and then the spider riders attacked and then.the brain was safe.and then calamitous's bot was get his arm and he kidnapped iris and got away to whitechapel and then the nicktoons were here and so is cortex and elmo and cookie monster and scrat was here in the inner world.and then magma tells him that was too late.they have iris in whitechapel.and then to be continued.

Mission 37: iris n'santiy 3 of 3 [mean while in nicktoons unite the t.v series.the others went too save iris and then inside the portal cortex was going too do something too the calamitous group,and he maked a invention to blast them sky high.and then our heroes were in white chapel and then they were confronted by ethan,benny,sarah,erica,rory,and then they telled him that their is a blood drive in whitechapel highschool and,go too the blood drive with them,and then four nurses were geting the blood for the truck.and then a mysterous women was geting the blood for them.and then they find out what are they upto.and they put a tracking chip in their dresses.and they went too the blood truck and.find iris inside the truck.and then rory saw iris and the blood loaded.and then the others called rory making sure that everything is fine.and then go too the truck and tell him what is going on.and annie and mysterous lady was here inside the truck.and then erica attacked.and then they laughed.and then the lady and annie pop goes the fang and the dress.and then they pay price for stoleing blood and rescueing iris.and then they locked them the door.and then they called for help from the nicktoons and the others.and then ethan was geting ready for his first ticket to the blood drive.and then a vision with a mysterous lady that goreous and annie captured iris about too something too her.and then the vision was gone.and then annie tells the others doctors and nurses to leave and then sarah was here.and then ethan was telling sarah that calamitous has iris as a host and going too something with her.and then they have got too rescue her and erica and rory from a faite and then they told him that calamitous has iris captive and they need to rescue her and our friends.and then in the truck the two were talking about their selfs.and then they hear iris inside this truck under her secret door and then they found iris and they continued to talk and then erica tells him to shut his mouth and then she tells him that she could do something for him.and then the nicktoons were geting ready too srike on calamitous and the vampire nures.and then they found their location.then that night the vampire nures were here inside the building and their going too frame them for their crimes.and then the nicktoons and the others went too rescue iris and erica and rory.and then they attacked and then annie got her behind her back.and then the older nurse smellled ethan blood.and it smelled beautiful and then ethan made a trade with the older nurse and annie.and then annie won't make a trade.and then she allow it.and then in the truck rory continued talking and then erica would do something for rory.then sarah taked the blood out of ethan.and then the vampires smelled his blood.and then they let erica and rory and iris too go freely and then they defeat calamitous's group and his bot.and thenthe vampire nurses got a away.and then back too jimmy's lab they bring back iris by puting back into her body.and put this cowgirl body by puting in beauitful goreous body] [Success]

Mission 38:the attacks in Antarctica [mean while,hunter was swimming too new york because too get some help from skipper,private,kowalski,rico,julian,mort,maruice.and then she went too the underground sewers too get too center park.and then she felt grosser.and then she made it too center park zoo.then inside penguins's hQ the penguins and spongebob,danny,timmy with cosmo and wanda and poof,jimmy,cindy,libby,sam mansion,tucker,and the wild kratts were here to watch the news and get some food to watch the news.and that the two named cecil and brick were taking too jail for selling the fish to every countey in the world.and then martin kratt was shamed at them for selling the fish.and hunter was knocking at the door too let her in.and then they give her a question too tell her that does she worked for calamitous and eating the penguins.then she was not apart of calamitous.then they let her in.and then private was great for her too come.and then she told them too help he turn off all the lights.then at the lemur habitat they find the switch too turn off the lights.and then back at the hq the lights and the t.v was off and then king julian was here with mort and maurice and marlene was here to tell the nicktoons the wild kratts and penguins,[what is that power lockdown or that stinking and,and patrick farted.and king julien was saying,[oh i don't want too know about that smell.]and then mort thinks that it is the circus.and then hunter was telling that the mysterous people was after her because she just hurt one of her own kind.and then private gapsly asked.[how did you hurt your own kind ?].and then hunter showed her flashback into the antarctica.where he saw an attack to her kind and then some man was here tells that hunter hurted his own kind .but she did'n and then that man think that she is lieing and her father is a shamed at her.and her kind went after her because she is going to jail.and then slided on a rigeded iced platform.and got away.and that how that she got framed.and then skipper,rico,kowalski,private,marline,king julian,mort,maurice,and the nicktoons.will get her innocent and that she did'n hurt her own kind.then their was battleship flying in the air.and they turn on lights on their battleship.and they were looking for hunter.then they duck before the ship finds them and then rico farted three times for exploded beans yesterday and then a biger fart just went out the door.and then the battleship has found them and they fire exploding meteors on the penguins's hq and everyone in the hq is stinking rico's farts.Then they hear the battleship breaking in their hq.And then they went too kowalski's lab.then they block the door with their bolts.and they show her tunnel 13 and then the people try too break in with flamethrowers.and then they went inside tunnel 13 then the tunnel door closed and the people breaked into the hq.Then they open the door too kowalski's lab and they find tunnel 13 and they went to get the penguins,nicktoons,hunter,julian,maurice,mort,marline,and then they went too find the group.and then nicktoons hunter and penguins were going too the exit the leads into the city.and then they used their flashlights to see that was going after us.and then it was calamitous and zach that was going after hunter and then they used their nets that captures hunter and the nicktoons,kratts,penguins,then the others.and then zach.and calamitous forces were pressing one of their traps.and then they attack the forces.and then the both doges the traps.and then they made it too the exit.and then they made it to the center of new york city and they block the exit.and they used dynomite to break down the exit.and then zach and calamitous they break down the door and then the three were gone.and then they went back too antarctica too dig for new alien artifacts.then too get some help.and then the three were hideing inside a mailbox that was too tight for them and they hear two of them about alien artifacts and a seal hotel.and then the hear a creak and that made the mailbox exploded and then all of them landed on the water and then they went too make hunter innocent again.and then sing the road trip song with them.and then at new york city cecil and brick was in the police station bars and then calamitous and zach was finding someone that knows the penguins.and then they both know that cecil and brick knows that they don't like penguins and they both disslikes them.and then calamitous and zach was dressing up as prison guards too take them too prison and then they hit the police guard in the head.and then cecil and brick planed for their new revenge on the penguins.and then they hear some one freeing the two.and it was calamitous,zach were freeing both of them because they hear both of them because they know about the penguins revenge because for puting both of them in jail like last time.and then never again.and then they work togther with zach,calamitous.and then more police men arrived here and then zach.calamitous.cecil.brick.were escapeing on zach's aircraft and then they got away.and then our heroes arrive at antarctica and then seals were guarding the waters.and then the penguins screamed.then sort of fainted and then they dress up into a life boat and sea men on a boat.and captain and mermaid and stowaways and then the seals saw the penguins and nicktoons and their kind.then they turn off jimmy's invention and they turn back into their selfs.and then they chase them.and our heroes runed too hunter village.and then the get squidward for help.then mean while in bikini bottom squidward was sunbathing in the sun and then his phone called that the nicktoons are in trouble because their are seals after them.then what in it for squidward.nicktoons will give his clarinet his music too make it good for the people.then squidward was in and then squidward was going into the portal.too rescue spongebob,patrick.then the others.then our heroes keep on runing.then they have an idea from hunter and then spongebob fired his self on the piece of ice and went out too the hole of the village.and then one of the seals got stucked on the hole.and then they made it too the ice hotel.and they got a stay into the hotel and then they watch some t.v and then they watched the news that cecil and brick got away last night.then the penguins gasped because they got escaped from jail last night.then hunter dad was here was here to apologize to hunter for hurting her own kind.then hunter and her dad was reunited.then hunter's dad tells her that she did'n hurt her own kind.and then hunter dad's meets the nicktoons.then tells him about the alien artifacts.then shows his flashback.where he found a underground mines.under the seal hotel.then where he sees.donita and zach were trying too find some thing down here and then the whole ice wall cracked and then went down then.they found a intergalactic ship in antarctica.then some zach bots saw hunter's dad watching them.then he sented his zach bots too capture him.then he escaped into the mines and tunnels in order too escape for zach and donita's forces and then he finds a elevator at the end.and then he get in then he went up and got away.then that how that he got away.and then martian kratt saw zach and donita force coming in here.and then he tells the others too ducked.then they blow up the door.and then zach force beinning to fight the nicktoons and then the nicktoons defeated them.then they saw donita and zach coming too get that seal and the others.escape to the mines.then they jumped on too the food court where the other seals eat.and then they saw dontia and zach coming too the nicktoons again.then they run away.then they found transportaion.then they went too the middle of nowhere unill they reached to a antarctica station here and they have some food.and where they meet's doctor with his new friend amy pond.then they saw a worker here that work's here and chuck charles.were seeing too find something on the news.and then they have to find enterance to the tunnels and it is in one of the buildings.then they saw the worker a afraid and scared of some thing.then they saw a cyber mat behind his back that bit him and then.defeat the cyber mat.and then.sented him back inside into that building.then the doctor went into center base building.where the doctor opened the door then a cyberworker was going after the doctor.and help amy rescue the doctor by turning two crank's too open the steam too the cyberslave.then they saw spongebob finding a communication here.and then they went inside the building.then they comunacateion machine here inside the building and they saw a women here that is alive a safe human.and her name is meadows.she is the owner of the place.and the nicktoons see a cyberhand on the table.then they tells meadows that you get it from the caves yesterday.and then.they made it too the communication machine too tell the people that the cybermen were here.then it woulden work because it can't with out the communication card.go to the tower and tell him the code.then get to the locker room.then turn the dial and then get the communication card.and split up with the doctor and amy.too make and comunacation.the people and cure.then the doctor was making the cure for chishholm.then the cure was finsh.then the nicktoons and amy put the communication card in slot of the comunacation table.then tell the people too get off the land and pretend that their is an earth crack coming too the people and the people were going back too home.then a cyberslave was here too upgrade amy.defeat the cyberslave again.and go to the tower with the doctor too give cure to chisholm.then they saw him turning into a cybermen.give the cure too him.then follow hunter's dad to the tunnels.and inside the tunnels the nicktoons and the others spilt up too find a mysterious intergalaxtic ship inside the tunnels.then spongebob has found the intergalactic ship at the end of the tunnels.and the others helped each other to get too the drafers then amy and the kratts friends were captured by two cyberslaves and zach.then they enterance on top.then they went up too get in.then they saw meadow that was safe.and doing something to the cyberleader.they saw her as working for the cybermen and two cyber slaves were blocking them then she was working for calamitous,and the others nicktoons villains.then they have bada,bing,burt,phil,mason,roger,chuck chariles,and amy pond.they have all of them for making into a new army of cybermen.and help the doctor too activate the cyberleader.then cyberleader wakes up and kills meadows for not being susperer too the cybermen and calamitous betray her.and then the doctor and the nicktoons escaped.then they went to save kratts's friends,every animal in the zoo,and amy pond.then they made it to the upgradeing room.then they close the door and then they free all of them.then they made shortcut too cybercommand then they got blocked by cyberleader and two cybermen and they got rescued by chisholm and hunter dad's and then they set the ship too self destruct.and then they need too get out of here and then zach and the others went out of the tunnels and so is the nicktoons and the others.they went too the new elevator that meadows made it can go left,right,up,down.and any other ways that you can think of.and then two elevators went back too the seal hotel that too tell every seal too get out and then they made it.and hunter telled every one too get out because the explosion is coming to this hotel.and then they saw humter again and they were mad at her.then they here something it was fire poping out of the ground.and then they follow order to get out.then all of the fire melted the hotel and then the hotel exploded and then so is station and then seals hotel then they thank hunter for saving us.then hunter's dad tells all of them that it was not hunter's fault but zach and the others villians fault.then they show all of them a a tape recorder that this is all their fault.then it was zach who frame hunter for hurting her own kind.and i was the one and all of us hurt her own kind.and then zach and donita and the others were falling from the sky.and landing on the snowy ground.then all the seals were angry at them for frameing hunter.then they sent them on a catapult.and then it fires and sents them back too new york.Then back at new york the police were still looking for cecil and brick.then two people fell from the sky.then more people fell from the sky.then they landed inside the car.and then the police have them all now.and their going to be with each other forever,ever,ever,and ever.then they screamed.then back at antarctica.the penguins,nicktoons,kratts say good bye to hunter and her dad and everyone as they leave to new york and with chuck charles in ice the nicktoons telled that he will be fine in 24 hours.and will erase what everything that happen.and back at the station that is destroyed.the doctor says good bye chisholm and then the tardis leaves to a new adventure and then.epilogue:in the epilogue.cybermen are frozen for the cybermen defeat.then they are still alive] [Success]

Mission 39: the nicktoons meet diego [the nicktoon were going too dora the explore world too have a surprise because he just call her yessterday.and then the nicktoons were in a forest full of animals.then dora amd boots were here in this forest and then a mysterious boy was here too see dora.and that name is diego.then meet diego.and then they were in their world and then the syndicate were looking in diffrent worlds of anime. And then they got mistakenly into dora's world.and then diego showed the nicktoons the whole place and then on his watch he saw baby jaguar on a waterfall and the nicktoons needed too rescue baby jaguar.and then dora uses map too get pass the tree,cave,and the water fall.then that how you gets too rescue baby jaguar and then they find the tree.and they found it.then gang walked pass the tree and then the big cloud has used the big wind.too blow backpack on the tree.and the nicktoons,dora,boots,and diego.needed something too get backpack down from this tree.and then they find a ladder behind the nicktoons and dora grabed on steps of the ladder.and grabed backpack and the trio were here cheer them.and then they find out where too go next.and they were going too the cave.then they find the cave.then they found the cave and they went too rescue baby jaguar.and then calamitous,Mr crocker,vald,plankton,beautiful goreous.skuller.donita,nanobots were spying on them and so they went after them.then the big wind was back and they lifted all of them into the air.and intos the tree.then swiper the fox was trying too swipe donita bracelets that looks likes a peacock and.the donita looks out and then she kick him into the face.and then he was nock's him down and then calamitous scams for some plan in the history of mankind.and the our heros were here at the cave.and then a poler bear has showed his self near the enterance of the cave.then diego think that it should be in the south pole.and then the gang must find out what inside that dress.and it is swiper the fox in mind control of the evil syndicate.and then they find bracelets on two of his arms diego get the braclets of him and tell him what happened.then swiper tell him that he saw a mysterious women and her friends.then she just kicked me into the face.and then i was here.and then the kratts,nicktoons find out that their villains are going after the jaguar too.and sell him and exspareament on him and they got too go too the waterfall and stop them.and swiper helps him too stop them.and they find out that they where do they go next.and they went to the tree and cave.and last is the water fall.and then they find the waterfall and then boots has found the waterfall.and then our gang has gone too the waterfall.and then they made it and then they find baby jaguar inside the waterfall.and spongebob has found baby jaguar.and then he is going too fall and then calamitous and the others were here too get the jaguar and then calamitous is making ladder too get the jaguar.and nicktoons must defeat the evil syndicate and donita and dabio and rescue baby jaguar by useing dora's backpack and use the rope too rescue the jaguar and it was too late because baby jaguar has falled into the river.and then swiper comes and rescues him and so is dora.and then at the end the jaguar reunites with her mother and kids.and nicktoons say goodbye too swiper.and donita and the others went back too their worlds.and then the nicktoons say goodbye too diego and dora and boots.and tells them about their adventures] [Success]

Mission 40: julian's mango mash party [the nicktoons got a call from skipper,kowalski,private,rico.then so the nicktoons went too their world.and then they were here and they find out that this fake calamitous massage.was belong too king julian.and then the nicktoons telled him that he called us for a mango mash party.and then they won't do it.and then julian tells them that if they don't do it he will tell all of their secrets.with kowalski invention.and then the nicktoons,penguins telled him that he wins.and then they tells him that what we should do.and he tell him to get some mangos and then they won't do it.and julian was geting ready too tell their secrets.and they were going too get the mangoes.and then they split up too find the mangoes in sectors of the zoo.and they telled king julian that they are finshed.then the king tells him that they are not finshed yet.because he needs some gifts.and they won't do it.then julian is geting ready again for the secret telling.and they will do it again.then they find some gifts and they needed some help from my babysitter's a vampire.then magi nation.then they found all the gifts.and then king julian telled them that their is one more task for them.they must get some more guests.and they went too the sectors of the zoo.and then they got all the guests.and at the end the party was finshed for king julian and then the nicktoons,penguins,everyone tells them all about their secrets.and then king julian coulded tell about their secrets and questions because the invention was broken.and then king julian tells everyone celebrate.and everyone celebrated and then they danced] [Success]

Mission 41: the crystal staff of lemukamen [at the zoo the nicktoons were having do.and then julian went to the penguins for help.and then the penguins came to julian for help.and they told that he is in trouble.and then julian told him that he was just kidding.and then he told him a story about a leumkhamen's treasure.and kowalski does'n know that in the archives.and then the king tolded him about the story.and he told them too go get the crystal staff.because he coulden get the staff because it is cursed.and the nicktoons,penguins.give that offer too king julian.they got to find a lost tomb to find.they were here in the simions tell mason that they need to some way to find the tomb.and they find phil.then he knows too get inside the tomb.then they telled phil that does he knows where the enterance to the tomb is.he tells them that the tomb is in the reptile house.and then private tells the nicktoons can't go inside the house because the cameleons are out.phil tell he that they should use the skyroof.they went too the cameleon house.and they used the skyroof and they were in the the reptile house.then they found a cameleon the last of them.and then the nicktoons telled him where the tomb is and then he runs away from them.and then they follows the cameleon and.then the nicktoons telled him again that where is the tomb.and then the cameleon shows them the the entrance to the tomb is the.sewers then the nicktoons went too the sewers.and then the cameleon tells kowalski a joke.then kowalski thinks that it is not funny.and then the nicktoons were inside the sewers to find the treasure.and they find roger who is in a cage.the penguins,nicktoons.were trying too free roger.and they free him and then the nicktoons telled him too pull that lever.then roger pulled the lever.then the penguins,nicktoons.went falling down the trap door and then roger were thanking them and they think that they were gone.then kowalski,sam mansion,tucker were in a lemur control room and then teams were stuck with some traps that the lemukhamen has maked.and then they get passed the traps,control the doors.and reunite.and then they went to sector 2 the path too the treasure.and then the teams runed too the treasure and each other.and they found the crystal staff and the treasure.and then they hit mother loot.and then private sees a golden bear that is made of gold.then they see dr blowhole.and calamitous,beauitful goreous,plankton,denzel crocker.sheldon j plankton.they were here to telled them that it was them who this transmition too king julian and the invention.then it was us that made that map.and then ceilling is falling because they get out who here.and they take the staff and ecaped.and the penguins need too escape.and they get too the exit.and they went too the exit and escaped.and then they told king julian about the treasure.they told him that they saw doctor blowhole and escapeing with our villains.and with the staff as well.then king julian tells him too dig it all back up.they can't because the treasure is blocked with the earth.and king julian told him that the golden teddy bear is his prize possesion.then the penguins,nicktoons did'n know the teddy bear was his possesion.and it is now surrounded by the earth and a long with the rest of the treasure.and then timmy does'n thinks so.and then rico spits up the golden teddy bear.and then julian was so happy because he was having a party of his teddy bears.and danny thinks that this is not the end,but the beginning] [Success]

Mission 42: the trade federation fleets adventure [the nicktoons were captured by the trade federation.and put in a cell and feed horrble food.then they called anakin skywalker,asoka,ash ketchum,misty,may,max,brock,clian,iris,penguins,susan,mary,johnny test,dukey,benny,erica,ethan,sarah,julian,mort,maurice,squidward,sandy cheeks,pearl.and then the nicktoons must find that who's behind all was calamitous,vald,denzel crocker,plankton,man ray,dirty bubble,sinister sulg,atomic flounder,blast ketchup,victroy gunray,dr blowhole,team rocket,team galacitc,rat king and his army,hornets.and they got some new members.then they got some comunications from six mysterious members of the evil from madgascar 3 , johnny test season 2 , pokemon 4ever , pokemon ranger temple of the sea , pokemon heroes ,and pierrer was here too get them on the bridge.then the others went too the bridge.then the nicktoons maked a new plan.and they tryed some of jimmy's plans that they not worked.and then a battle droid has gived them some horrible food and a fork that wiil get out of this jail cell.and then the the nicktoons friends went too rescue them.from a evil fate.then they made it to hanger then the droids began too attack the others but their are too many of them then.they went too the elevator too escape them.and then they escape.then they ran too the detenion level.and then they saw some windows to keep them from the vaccum of space.then more droids and minions arrive here and they attacked again.then some of their blasters shot the glass.and then the glass breaked then the minions,droids,and the others were holding on.then all the minions,droids went sucked into space.then anakin telled susan and mary too lockdown the windows.then they were working on the windows.then the metal doors were locking all the windows.then more battle droids arrived.then the others runed too the elevator too the detention level.then the nicktoons were trying too escape and they got.back into the next jail cell where they were dawg,bone,eggy,samuel,and the others ducks,el tiger,teenger is a robot.they were all kidnapped by them.and they needed too find some way too escape.go too the next vent.and break inside.then the nicktoons were blocked by the battle droids who are inside the vent.then they they went back too their cell.with each other.then they told them that their.and then danny told them that their is no escape.and then danny blabed at them.then they went back too the bridge.then they the others were dressed as battle droids,and then they went too the detenion level.then they were here to resuce the nicktoons.then the nicktoons throwed food at them.because they are battle droids.then they telled them that those battle droids were their friends.then they are glad too see them.then the droids were too remove their masks.then blast haves his revenge on the johnny test as the flame headed boy,my mutt dog,then he meets another alike boy same than johnny test.then.defeat blast ketchup and his sidekick.and the other battle droids.then they escape through the floor.then they got back into the path too the tunnel number 14 teen.then they go then skipper telled them too stop because they were blocked by booby traps blocking the reactor.then they followed anakin skywalker.then mort steped into one of the traps.then the traps target them.then they runed too the exit.then they made it then the droid was behind them then the droid step on a laser beam that sets off a trap.then the blaster on the top shot the droid and he went down.then the nicktoons moved on too the core reactor.then they got mysterious comunication has called them.then they saw a mysterious shadow or six has comunications has called them for something it was madam duboir,dark vegan,phantom,iron mask marauder,annie,oakly,pirrer,were back for revenge on the nicktoons .then they have some plans for them.Then they turn off watches.then they try.too call them back.then they made it too the reactor.then they were all here too stop them.then all the evil syndicate members were here too defeat them.then they used the lockdown to lock all the two doors.then they have seven droids left then they defeat them and then plankton's robots have electric weapons too kill them.then fight them with fenceing.then they chop off their body into two.but it was plankton cousins who were inside that robot.then they figture a plan too destory the senting the self destruct bombs into the reactor.then the battle droids were on jet packs that they are flying.then they send them into the reactor.then the reactor exploded then they press the lockdown.the doors were opened.then all the members,droids were hanging on too something.then the hornets and rats were headed too the door because they were going too sucked in.then they went with them.then the nicktoons went back too the hanger.then calamitous and the others.were here and they found their ship.then some falling objects were falling on their ship.then their ship was destoryed then the nicktoons were runing too the ship.then they were blocked by battle droids.and more of them so they.defeat them.then calamitous and the others were first.then they saw the ship it was going too self destruct then they all went on this ship and the others too.then the ship went out of the hanger.and into space.then the ship exploded.then they cheer on for their escape on the trade federation then the fleets were all destoryed.then they huged each other.then they were grossed out then.they started too hate each other then.defeat them.then they were going back too their worlds.then the evil syndicate escaped] [Success]

Mission 43: r.o.b.o penguins [the nicktoons were called here because they.need to plan operation:badger drop for.a distraction for alice.then they saw alice partoling the zoo grounds.then they woulden plan this operation.then they needed a new plan.then jimmy and kowalski got a new idea they needed too build some robots of the penguins.then they needed too get into the city to some parts.then they needed something too get too the other side of the zoo.then they find the penguins jet-packs too fly into the city.then they find their jet packs then they fly off into the city.then They were here.then skipper tolded them too find some parts too build those robots.then they split-up into three teams too find the parts.then they finshed the find the parts hunt.then they went back to penguins hq.they finshed building the robots.then they tryed the robots too distracted alice.then one of doctor blowhole's minion turned their robots too attack the penguins.then the nicktoons,penguins.needed too stop those robots then they used their weapons too attacked them then they needed too run and then they went too the penguins drill too meet someone into the sewers.then penguins gaps because it is jiggles.the nicktoons find whats is that thing name.then they told them too meet jiggles.then jimmy nevered know about that thing haves a name.then jimmy and kowalski haves a new idea again.then they tolded each others that the this machine spits up fruits that jiggles likes.and defeats those robots then the nicktoons,penguins,leaded the robots too the trap then they were in place.then jimmy and kowalski.turns on the machine then fruits landed on the robots.then jiggles ate the fruits and the robots.then jigggles spits them out of the zoo.then they still coulden find out that who turn the robots on us then,julian shows them that he has a robot with then he used mort for acting like a robot] [Success]

Mission 44: blowhole [the nicktoons were here and julian was here to watch t.v.with him.then blow hole and calamitous and the other villains were taking over the channels.then julian screamed because he will never watch t.v.then they went out.then jimmy and skipper.has got some postioning system with then they went replay then they got their postioning system.then they needed too get too the sewers.then the penguins and nicktoons were going too the sewers too stop dr blowhole from taking over the world.then one of blowhole's minions have spoted them and then blowhole tells.him the create the clift from thier way.then he launchs a missle too make a clift that will slow down them then.the penguins hear some thing in the sky.then watch out for that missle.and find some one who can help the them over the clift.then they got some help from burt.then they grabed on too each other and swing over too the other side.then they made it.then they say thanks you from the nicktoons.then they reward him with peanuts.then they went too the sewers.then they follow blowhole postioning system then they heard marline voice.then they find her in the postioning system.then they have found her.she was locked in a cage from dr blowhole and some other villians he has.then they find some thing too get too that lever on top of that platform.then private saw some thing behind the garbage.then it was private's robotic suit.inside the sewers.then he used it.then he went up to the platform.then he pulled the switch and then the cage door open and then marline thanks them for saving her.then he pulls the lever too dr blowhole's lair.then they went inside.then they were inside his lair then they saw his laser defeces.then he needs private too get through their laser defeces.then they worked too togther too.shut down the laser system.then they went center control then they made it then they.confront dr blowhole,calamitous and the others.for coming too the dooms day machine then it was too late.the dr blowhole pressed the doomsday machine did'n work then they defeated them then.jimmy sets the bomb that he made.then he pressed it.then the bomb destroyed the dooms day device.then they have to get out of here.because the caving in then they can't leave them here then they rescue them then they get out of here.then dr blowhole and calamitous and the others waked up.then they were on three catipults.then they were tied up with rope with them.then they send them into the junk yard.then they went flying and then they landed in the junk heap.then they will have their revenge on them.then they saw a junk dog starts too chase them then it bite it's butts then they screamed then.they they won't see the last of the bad guys.] [Success]

Mission 45: the nicktoons meet victorious and how too rock [the nicktoons split up into two teams.and then.were here in hollywood arts.where they are reunited with the icarly gang again.then they told them that what are they doing here.then they were touring the hollywoods arts.then spencer were liked too be here and then.he was striped then he went down the steps.then cat and jade were here too then.they meet icarly gang once again then they told.tori vega.too get here.then the other nicktoons were here at another school.then where they saw kacey simions with her friends were here then they were they were talking then they meet them.then at the family correctional prison.where nora and her parents were breaking rocks and a mysterious car then a man and girls were here too show their awsome car too the prison guards.then they went in then.the man pulled out a remote control.then they top moved then he moved the car too the parking lot.then they told that man too stop then the car went too another car then the at hte end of the another car they reached a clift then they and the two cars went down and then the two men landed in the water.then two cars exploded.then it was kodai grims.and annie and oakly were here too free nora and her parents and unite with nevel.then capture the icarly gang once again.then they were going too nevel's house.then that night they were at nevel's house then they ring the door bell then her mother.was here at the door.then they find them friends of his new club.then she told her that they can come here.then they waked up nevel.then nevel was so goody too see her again.then they reunited with calamitous and the others again.then they take revenge on the icarly and nicktoons again.then they went find someone who hates the icarly internet.then they went on those speeders.then they went too the apartment and then louis was telling them that he just clean that floor then they went up stairs and he was sleeping.then they find some one who hates the icarly then they find out that it is chuck's little brother chip who hates icarly.then chip chambers is joining calamitous and other villains paralleled galaxes and then at the lobby they drop the flower pot on the floor and then louis waked up then he told them again that they messed up the floor and their going too pay that then they used the crystal blasters too freeze him and then nora clean the mess that they made then they ran then they blast him again then nora ran then louis can remember everything he saw that night.then they went too nevel's house again.then at calamitous and nora,nevel,chuck chammbers who escaped from milltary school.then they were making a new plan too rue icarly for the ulimate revenge.then they were think of some ideas for revenge.then plankton has found some one who tells party of icarly's and someone with her in the episode of icarly.then plankton has found someone who knows who partyed with her last night in l.a.they find out that it was tori vega who partyed with her.then they find out that someone should go too tori's house.then nevel called his henchmen for help and then nevel sented nora too.capture her and carly.then she used her speeders too get too l.a.then they were carried by a tow truck.then they went too the bus stop.then they were waiting for it.then the.Bus was here too pick them up then people were inside that bus.then the people looks at nora.then they called the police then they used their crystal blasters too trap them in crystal.then they were not calling the police.then they were surrendering from nora.then the bus stoped then they were i l.a too get tori vega.then they were going too nora's house.then they ring the door bell again.then tori's dad was opening the door.then he told them that what are they they were geting a sleep over for tori vega.then her dad allows them too come in then tori vega.then she asked her that they could have a sleep over.on her house.then tori's dad allows them too have a sleep her house then he calls her for them for a sleep over.then tori comes down here then they were having a sleep over with nora and then her parents were staying here and chip chambers too.then the next morning tori calls them for breakfast.then at kacey's school.then they meeted kacey's baskara,kevin reed,zander robbins,nelson baxter,molly garfunkel,grace king,andy bartlet along the way.then tell them that were going too a new adventure.then at l.a tori was dreaming a sing all day long too win a prize.then in her bad dream she got hummlated by a mysterious widow.then she screamed.then she woke up from her dream.then nora tells her what happened in her dream.then tori vega tells her that the widow has humllated her in the talent show too a vacation in a island in alantic ocean.with islands all conneted too each other.then after their talking they had breakfast.then they talked about going too paris.then nora say that she liked her vacation.then she went too the louver,eiffel tower,walt disney world in paris.then she went too school then nora went too school with her.then her parents says have a good day at school.then at hollywood arts they teached some art and acting then squidward knows about art and acting.then he plays his clarent too everyone.then he plays and then the students are screaming and covering their ears.then at tori's class mr slkowits was telling them that their is a class vacation prize who comes up with a song as a team.then spongebob and tori and her friends will be a team helping her.then at the outside of hollywood arts kacey and her friends were here at hollywood arts.then they like this school.then they walked passed a unknown camera watching her.then nevel was watching some one near the nicktoons.then he sent chuck too go after them.then chuck and his little brother chip.who is going too l.a too.then they used calamitous's teleporter too go too l.a then chuck and his little brother who is here.then mrs benson and t-bo.were here.then at the hollywood stage.they were geting ready for a new song.that their going too work together.then nora was watching them then she founded some clothes in a box.then she dressed up into a mysterious widow.then she pratices too sing on the stage.then nora went on the drafters hummillate tori.and it is her only choice.then she cut the ropes with the bag at the bottom.then she cuts them then the rope went down.then tori was danceing and singing then she looked up then she saw the bag.and it was full of flour.then it landed on tori's face.then the flour covered tori.the all other foods all shape and sizes were landing all over her clothes.then the students were laughing at her.then at hallway.tori was crying then spongebob and nicktoons and her friends were here too calm down.then back at slkowits class.they chose the winers then the winers are spongebob and tori and nora.then spongebob gasps because nora is out of prison.then spongebob talked too tori vega outside then he told her that nora is captureing us.then tori told her that she has change in prison.then nora was watching her and spongebob and she thinks that the nicktoons beats her here.then she comunicates nevel on her watch.then she tells her that the nicktoons beat us here.then nevel was think too defeat the icarly gang and the nicktoons.then the victorious team.then he told her that she plans a trap on them until the sun comes down and it's ultimate plan on icarly.then that night spongebob were going too warn trina vega her sister.that nora is captureing her.first.then they got their with the taxi.then they got blocked by chuck and and his little brother chip.then they told her that how was her prize.then she told her that it was okay.then they told her and spongebob that they should have a drink with them.then they told her no.then they ran too tori's house.then they got captured by nevel's henchmen then they were going too tori's backyard.then they were making a big huge misstake.then they found someone attacking the was kacey and sandy cheeks.who was saving them.then at tori's house.they were playing tennis on the wii and then they spoted on tori and spongebob.then nora dad was supprized that she bring spongebob then trina told her sister that how was her day.they she told them that some men were trying too kidnapp her and carly and spongebob too.then kiddnappers.then tell her that what happen.then they were spys for someone and those kids were the boss.then tell them too calm them down.then tell them that what they do.tell them that why would some spy's would try too capture them.then they don't know they have too do some thing with near them.Then they told both of them that they never been attacked of near the nicktoons then they told them that they were having deluions.then told them that this is a deluion.then they were going too call some help and then they were going too call the police.then they called nevel on the phone.then they were calling icarly on the phone.then they were finshed for their calling then.they were attacked by ice blasters then they told nora parents too get out.then they still shoot everything.then tori vega attacks her behind carfully.then they turn on the lights.then it was nora's parents who was behind all this then they make them talked.then they were planing the ulitmate revenge.then they told them that they will never plan the ulitmate revenge.then they were right and they were wrong.then they were not the only one who's alone with them.then they knock them out with a vase.Then they have a little talk.then they got out too icarly.then they saw nevel's forces were geting into her house.then while they make their escape too icarly.then nevel was here then nora told him that she blowed their plan.then he got the tracking meter on then they were going too the train station.then they told them too go.then nora and nevel was telling her too go and get their stuff.then they were here at Seattle then they got too the apartment by useing the taxi.then they went inside the building.then louis told them that no runing.then they walked then louis puts some carpet 4 of them.on the floor.then they were here.then they told icarly that nora is back for revenge.and nevel and chuck and his little brother is back for revenge.and calamitous is joining them too.then they found nevel and they were here.then they were going her room.then they were telling them too hide in icarly's room then they were breaking down the door.then nevel tell them that where are they.then they have no idea.well their going too be watching them.then they leave.then she told them too come out now.then she got a vacation prize then she would like too share it too tori and kacey.then the next morning the gang were going on a vacation then they were going on a boat too paris.then nevel was watching them then he sents them too get them.then mrs benson and t-bo came a long.then nora and chuck and chip and her parents.went inside the ship.then ship went off too paris.then the nicktoons and tori were haveing the suite room.then the others and ash's team were.having suites rooms.then they were going out too dinner.but first they have too dress up into dinner tuxes and dress all shape and sizes and colours.then nevel saw them then nora and all the villains put tracking devices on their dresses.then they were in locations of the ship then.they split up then they see jade.then she was playng on band and then they dance with him.then nora was sneaking up behind her then jade and ander harris were captured.then they waked up and then it was dream.then it was nora then the two tells her that they lose her and.lose her at tori's house.then she must have the ultimate revenge of icarly.for nevel and us.then she thinks that they are having revenge.then they frozes them in crystal leaveing their heads.then she uses nevel cloner machine too get their hair samples then the lighting hits the wires then the goop moved then the goop turn into jade and ander and then she sents them too find icarly and then the three left the room.then they leave them behind.then icarly and tori and everyone who is here was having dinner inside the restaurant.then tori see david and holly were here on this ship.then they were having dinner with each other then they were watching a movie.then a mysterious women who is owner of the movie.then the reward would be a movie trophy then she called number 211 then spongebob and icarly.were on stage then it was nora in face mode.then she tell everyone too come with us.then she tell them that they will do the crystal way.then she shows that her crystal is made by nevel.who is on this ship.and they needed too be traped and capture.then then all of them ran too the suite rooms and hide.then tori ran too the last suite room then they see jade and ander hairris stuck in crystal then that their crystal blaster can make us traped.then they saw nevel henchmen coming then they hit them into the head then they grabed their crystal rays.then they reverse it settings then they blast them from their crystal state.then they told them that what is going on.then they telled them that they are traped with nora,her parents,nevel pappermen,chuck chammbers,chip,and calamitous.then she thinks too.then the two told them that they saw them with their crystal blasters and grabing our hair samples.and usesing the goop too turn it into one of tori's friends.and into good and bad and evil into the ultimate revenge plan for icarly.then they hear them coming then they were geting ready.then they enter the door then.they hit them again with the last vases.then nora did'n know that she had a colletion of vases.then it was the goop clones of nora.then they were blocked then they used the bowl of water too splash them then the clones were destoryed.then they found their weakness.then they went inside the vents too not get captured by them and crystaled.then plankton and annie hearing inside the vents.then they used nevel's and calamitous's new invention.too looking inside the vents.then they found four of them.then she geting the laser cutter too get them.then inside the vents.and then they were still geting too the other suite rooms too help them.then they hear something behind them.then they ran too the other suite room and they.get away from their laser cutter.then they found the way in the suite room.then they found sam and they hear plankton and Annie coming.then they hide.and then they opened the door.then they were finding them.then they were gone.then they sniff Trina vega's taco.then they went too capture her too.then they leave.then they went out of the closet.then they looked out the window and see nevel getting some reinforcements.Then they went too find the others.then at the gym beck was working out in the gym.then ash was training for his gym battle.then clian and iris was helping him too.then they saw nora.then they tells them that what are they doing here.then she blast them with a crystal blaster 9000.then they ran.then they stop and gived her ten mins.then they get their pokemon and his shirt.then they telled her that they are ready.then they ran.then at squid and trina vega's room.the two were ready for their singing in the restaurant soon.then they went down stairs too the restaurant.then when they got their no one was there.then they see nora then.squid and trina.tells nora that she was in prison and what was she doing here.then she tells them that they will have the ultimate revenge on icarly and the nick toons.Then they ran.then nora uses her crystal blaster too freeze them.then they ran away.then they went down.then they reached the power room.then they see nora and nevel coming.then they hide in the power room then they see everyone in the power room.then the two got near the entrance of the power room.then they were gone.then they sniff.ash and beck's sense.Then the two went up into the gym.and at the gym.beck and ash was working out in the gym.then they got some help from iris and cilan.Then nora was here then.she used her crystal blasters.then the four ran.then the our heroes were walking in the hallway for trouble.then they see ash and beck runing from nora.then they ran.with them.then they ran too the power room.then some one opened the door for them.then they went in it was tori and the others.then they hide in this room.then nora was looking for them.then see finds out that they were gone.then see went back too the others.then tori tells them what is going on.then they told them that they were planing this day.then they called for help.then they called.skipper,kowalski,private,rico,king julian,mort,maurice,el tiger,jenny,rocko.then they find out that what is going on.then they are stuck in a ship.with nora and the others on this ship.then they some kind of plan too stop them.then spongebob was calling some help too stop them.then at the top deck.nora and nevel were cuting the comunications pole.then they thinked that they cut the comunication line.then they screamed.then they went out of the power room.and then they went inside the hallway too think that they were gone.then they were not alone.then they saw nevel's henchmen coming.then they hide.then they were inspecting the whole hallway.then they think that this hallway was clear.then they moved on too the next one.And then they came out.then they went on moving too the restaurant.then.they were here then they opened the door.then they see nora and nevel acordding too plan.then they needed too find them in the ship.then they think of some way too stop them.they were going too build the trap.then nevel were looking inside the ship.then nevel sees carly and tori were calling nevel and the others were too chase them.then they ran too get them.then they were here then they were still looking for them.then they found them.then they ran after them.then they split up.and then they bump too each other.then robbie pressed the trap.then they were stuck in the trap.then they cheered.then they were here in paris too sing there.then they sing their new song together.then everyone cheered them.then back military camp.then the nicktoons were bring chuck and his brother.back too military school.then nevel who is back in his home who is blamed here.then nora and her parents were back at the their prison.then they the icarly gang and the others were haveing a popsicle.] [Success]

Mission 46: the person inside the red suit [mean while in the episode homecoming.daisy was killed by the aliens of the ruins planet.then a man was here too heal her.and carried her too base.then in the halo base.daisy was waked up and saw a halo leader and another halo soldier and then it was john 117 who rescued her then he has a supprize for her then he leaves.then it was ralph 303 from the past.then daisy huged him for saving her and then she has the teddy bear on her hands.then the two heard the trouble in the base they were in trouble.then daisy and ralph were shot by darts.then two were went too sleep.then they saw dr zager.and calamitous grabing them.then daisy and ralph was waken up inside containment tube with them inside.then she got him out by freeing him with a wire panel too get their selfs put of here.then daisy and ralph escaped then she passed one of their traps then the alarm went on then daisy and ralph runed looking for their suits inside their station then daisy and ralph found it.then some one was coming then daisy was looking for a way out of here.then daisy and ralph found escape pods.along the way.then daisy and ralph got on the escape pods and daisy and ralph launches them too some where then daisy and ralph pressed the portal pods daisy and ralph was going in hyper space.then ralph was going too the pokemon's world and then team rocket was on code red then they were cordernating their destnation then their station went for take off then.then ash ketchum,crash,nina, and dr. cortex was cheering iris on battle with cilan.then she was training on the next battle club.then they were attacked by the falling object in the sky.then they saw a escape pod.that's landed on earth.then they called the nicktoons for help.then the nicktoons were here too find out who's inside then it was a team rocket escape pod.then it has digit-code.then jimmy knows how too open this pod then.the jimmy has done it.then the pod opens.then they saw mysterious suits and if there's something inside.then they screamed because it is alive.then it takes off it's helmet and his's too.then a girl and boy meets the nicktoons and the ash tells her hi.then daisy and ralph throws him on the ground.then ash was mad at daisy and ralph for throwing him over and on the ground.then clian tells them too calm down and then she keeps on fighting him then he tells pikachu too use .then that night the gang was telling her what her name.then she told her that her name is daisy and ralph.then she told her about her childhood and her memory too everyone.then his friend was fine when she was free.then he wakes up of his sleep.then he attack them then daisy told him too stop.then he stops then she told him too meet the nicktoons.then they all went too sleep.then the next morning.the nicktoons and spartans and ash's team.were walking through the forests.then they were abushed by the ring of fire.then they traped by calamitous and team rocket and the other villain from universes.then they were telling them top hand over their experiments or else they will destory everything in the world.then give them their experiments.then it was a trick then they fire their weapons too defeat the syndicate.then they ran too nearby town.then they were at the nearby town.then they were at a dark tunnel then their was nothing there.then jimmy turned on the lights then.they saw another portal gate.then jimmy keeps pressing the keypad.then they know what place their going too dimmsdale.then they were going too dimmsdale.then ash were protecting them.then they got their back.then they went too dimmsdale.then they were at timmy's house then they don't want timmy's parents see some his house.then they run too the room.then they hide from them three times.then they made it too jimmy's room.then team rocket were telling them that where are their experiments.they told them were in some other worlds in alternate universes.then they taked them into the new asylum that.they made.then it's located in dimmsdale.then the next day nicktoons were having breakfast with timmy turner upstairs and eating fancy.then the nicktoons were giveing breakfast.too daisy and her friend.then after they ate their breakfast.they went outside then telled timmy have a great day of school.then after home time timmy going back.then mr crocker comes out of a locker.then he plays acting too defeat mr crocker.then he wishes a bear too attack crocker.then cosmo and wanda and poof comes back too timmy and leaves.then the nicktoons and the others were seeing everything in space and daisy and ralph thinks it's pretty.then they were captured by darth laser too destory the nicktoons and the others.then the ship lands and the bear comes out then it chops off his legs then it chops him again and again.then dr cortex was loving and kissing with

iris.then at fairy world.then they were going too the museum then poof was here get rid of turner once for all.then they were here at the museum too discover the fairyclip that sperates earth and the two fairy worlds.around the sun then he tells him that they eat ham on the Holiday.then poof attacked him.then he wishes a bear too attack him.then he screamed then the bear attack him.then he screamed then poof contacted the losers for their meeting cake'n bacon.then they were hurt because they hate turner.then they told each other that they saw a boy and girl with the Nicktoons and crocker and he saw the boy and the girl going with the nicktoons outside and dark laser and foop too.then they were thinking about their evil futures.with the boy and girl.then they got a call from calamitous.then he tell him that calamitous is get his experiments back too the ulitmate future and they sing their own song.then they were making a plan too get rid of the nicktoons and timmy turner.then at Crocker's house they were planing for capture of the experiments and nicktoons and timmy turner.then foop has a new idea they should use the flower of nightmares.then foop for got that he put some holes on the front box on the left and right.then spy on them.then find out what their plan is.then they use the garbage smasher too destory her.then calamitous's spy was here too follow their evil plan.then at the turner house.they were looking for his enemy who is trying too kill him.then his dad was looking for a club.then timmy and nicktoons saw the losers who were back for revenge on timmy and nicktoons and capture the experiments of their museum.that their opening in the new asylum.then they found crash and cortex and nina ash and cilan and iris.captured.then the nicktoons and then the nicktoons got a call from trixie tang then she says that they should meet each other in the junkyard.then she call her for a date.then it was mr crocker revealed as dressed up as trixie tang.then foop does'n make any sense.then crocker tell him that were planing for the plan.then beautiful goreous has too get ready.then timmy tells the politely too wish him too the junkyard.and the nicktoons too.then they were here and then.trixie tang was under the smasher.then danny got a bad feeling about this and so is wanda too then she tells timmy about the fairycilpse then he did'n listen then the nicktoons and timmy and spartans were runing too trixie and then they all fall down near the trap.then crocker had too reveal his self and then he got out then dark laser pulled down all the levers and then the doors closed on them and capture daisy and ralph.then the top celling went down on the nicktoons and timmy then calls cosmo and wanda for help.then the sun went passing the three worlds together.then they don't have their magic because the clipse can block the sun for 24 hours.then they screamed.then they needed too find something too stop this.then cosmo does't have any thing.except that he have's ham and then they have an idea.then they should used the ham too jam too break the machine.then they throw the ham in the top hole.then the machine was jam.then it was ready too exploded.then they take cover.then daisy and ralph and got out control room.then she and he taked cover too then the machine exploded then the nicktoons were free and away with spartans and away from losers who are trying too get us.then the three landed on the ground.then they find that did they defeat turner.they find out that their plan was a fail.then they went after them then they screamed.then dad was in his ropes in his new club.then the three screamed then they escaped.then they turned around then they got smashed in the garbage smasher.then they call that plan a fail then they go for phase 2.then foop loves that plan then timmy was looking around for his enemys and calamitous and beautiful goreous,plankton,vald,team rocket.then they hear something cuting down the tree.then it was timmy's dad then timmy tell him that what is he doing.then he was in the woodchoping club.then he cuts the tree and it went down.then he does'n want too join this club.then they were all dizzy.the timmy and daisy and ralph were captured by the death ball then the nicktoons will rescue the three.then the death ball went too black hole too drop timmy turner inside and get the experiments back too calamitous.then timmy and ralph and daisy has another idea so they.throw flipise off and into the black hole.dark laser screamed then he sents crocker and foop over board.then he tie a rope too him then he jumps off then he forgot again that he tied a rope too any thing then the three went back earth with the death ball.then the three were still screaming then they landed into the asylum then ash and others were free.then they ran back too the nicktoons.then crocker thinks that they landed in the new asylum that team rocket made.then they were going too defeat timmy turner again then the bear was on that bus and attacked him.then at the cake'n beacon.they were failing like them.then calamitous has telled them that they found the experiments.then they have'n got them yet.then he sents beauitful goreous,plankton,vald,team rocket,victor and mortias.too get them.for him.then crocker sents the most evil and vile creature who has evil in her heart.then crocker calls vicky.then they screamed then vicky wants in too capture someone.then spend them and destory timmy for their's and calamitous.then the bear was back too attack them again.then vicky scared the bear.then vicky trains them then they are ready.then at timmy's house.they were still hideing from.them then timmy and they got back then timmy and they tells them they are back.then they cheered.then they saw the clipse that is going away once it is midnight.then vicky was slaming the door with his fairys and nicktoons.and was here with losers and beautiful goreous,plankton,team rocket,and calamitous was here to take them and timmy out.then they run outside and they followed them then.then the door opened then they got too save them.then spongebob blows bubbles out of his mouth.then they ran too the park.then timmy doged the villians and losers attacks.then foop throws a big rock at them.then they miss then the rock landed on calamitous and vicky legs.then foop was ashamed of his self.then calamitous and vicky kicks foop into a bush.then dark laser showed up on them then he attacks them with a laser gun.then the branch went down on him and team rocket.then crocker showed up and goreous too.then they fired his f-blaster and her laser gun.and they miss and it blast foop again.then they ran out of the park.then they were reunited with timmy fairys and nicktoons and ash's team and crash's team.then they have four hours untill the clipes is over.then they were still runing too capture and destory him and then they got their magic back.then timmy has a new wish for them.then this night timmy turner and daisy and ralph keeps run from a mysterious person.then he just used a teleporter ray too zap them back too their station containment tube and make them frozen.and a ulitmate ray too eliminate timmy turner.then he eliminate timmy and daisy and ralph.then it was calamitous and team rocket trio.who was in timmy and daisy and ralph.and it was dark laser and foop and crocker.was timmy and daisy and ralph.then goreous,dr zager,vicky,vald and plankton.who is timmy,daisy,ralph,timmy,daisy.then bickered then they shot each other then they were gone and they cheered on their victory.then at the station.they say good bye too daisy and ralph because they going back too their world.then back at the cake'n bacon.then.they fire vicky.then she told them that she will be back with the bear.then foop got some one who can help us defeat turner.then it was his dad then they had lots of talk.and then the episode ends with ralph and daisy who are back and then finaly kissed and the sun goes down and they will remember them] [Success]

Mission 47:the nicktoons visit hotel transylvania [The nicktoons were bored.then they haven got a vacation spot in the world.then they got one from dr cortex.then they were going too hotel transykvania then.calamitous spots them on the camera.then jimmy openes the portal.then they were going too hotel transykvania.then calamitous were spying on them.and the others too.then they were going too.then they were at hotel transykvania.then they got their selfs for a stay.then the monsters see the nicktoons and they remember.then the monsters says hi too them.then calamitous and the others were here.then they went inside the hotel.then they telled the hotel owner that they needed too find the nicktoons.then they owner tells them that.they could have a stay.then they got confused.then they kicked them out.then the nicktoons were swiming at the pool.then johnatan was here and so is mavis.then her father was here too.then they were meeting each other again.then calamitous was making a plan outside.then they went up.too the window.then.a witch was taking out garage out the window.then the witch was throwing garbage.out.and then calamitous.was hit by the garbage so is them.then they went down into the tranch.then they will be back.then they were having a buffet.then they ate some of their food.then calamitous was going too this vent.then they got punched by two monsters fighting.then they got out of the vent and into the slide of rocks.then the nicktoons were dancing with all the monsters.then plankton has had it.that they are going ulitmate hard.then they build a giant robot too destory the hotel.then they the nicktoons were still dancing.then they hear some thing outside.then they went all outside.then they see calamitous.then they were going too capture.them.then the nicktoons attacked with their weapons.then the nicktoons the robot was hard.then danny turned him around.then they see a core behind it back.then they went after the core.then they destory the core.then the robot was down.then they defeat calamitous and the others.then they made them too take care this hotel for four weeks.then the nicktoons says good bye too the monsters.then they would visit here ever again] [Success]

Mission 48: the adventure to witch mountain [the nicktoons were finding calamitous and the other villain leaders.then they calaulate the destination then they find out that they are in a another world.then they needed too go there.and they were going too the next universe.then they grab their weapons.then they went too the next universe.then at nevada the mysterious ship were heading here into the ground.then it crashed.into the sand.then they were geting on the news.then the next morning the men in black and henry burke.were geting the ship.too take it back too their base into a mountain.then at los angeles.they jack.was picking up passgers.and then he finaly goes too his hotel for watching.and sleeping.then the next next morning.the nicktoons were here at los angeles.then they get some rules.number 1:no one sees you because the universe will have a time paradox and destory the universe.2:help people too get away from trouble.and number 3:if you are in a trap get out fast as you can.then they spilt up too find jack bruno.then they were just kidding about the time paradox.then they spilt up too get some help.then jack got two passengers a boy and girl called seth and sara that they telled jack too go into that destination.then they jack wants too know their names.then he figtures out their names.then they went too the nevada.too get back home.then the nicktoons went too follow them.and then they went on their scooters and they.went too nevada too.then jack and the kids were in middle of nevada lands.then they were going too find spaceship of theirs but they were catched up by goverment agents.then they have lots of talk how they stop this.then they moved on.And then it was a trick.then they ramed into jack cab.then the nicktoons see jack and the children were in trouble.then they helped them.and then jack evades them with his driving skills.then sara uses her telekinesis powers to take them out.then seth tells them too stop following them.then they just took off without a trace.follow them.and then last night they were going with them too an cabin who is not there.then they were just there.then they went in then seth tells them too stop.then jack does'n to see no one.then he just sees the children gone with his head turned around.then he was just finding them.then seth pulls him too the behind the couch.then they the nicktoons were looking for the three.then the nicktoons were being pulled by seth.then they just meet each other.then they were telling her that what was after them.then it was a siphon who is trying too kill them.on their mission,then jimmy knows what that is.then they hear something outside then they went to the find something there.find something in the kitchen.go into secret passage.then they find them selfs inside a secret garden.then find something in here.then spongebob touched those creatures.then tells sara too stop.those creatures were full of gas bombs.then spongebob stayed away from them.and then sara used her device to maked the creature calm.then she got the device.out of the creature.then they hear something.then they got blasted by siphon.then they split up too escape.and they ran.then the siphon has beat them off at the past.then they reached the exit.then sara reached the exit then the siphon has grabed sara's leg.then seth attacked him with his blast.then the gas orbs exploded then they escaped.then they ran too the cab and their speeders.they took off without a trace.then they cabin was explodeing into the hole that explodion made.then jack tells them what is really going on.and then seth tells him.that it was a of their experiments who was trying too kill them on this mission.then siphon was back and after them.then they found a way to hide.after they went too the subway tunnel.the siphon was this looking for them.then he went away.then call each other.and then jack tells them that what is going on.then it was siphon its spaceship crashed.then the creature was hurt from the crash.then they find out that siphon,that they were eliminate sara and seth because he can't prevent that their mission is complete,and escape earth and return to their planet,then siphon was gone,then he appered from the back and standing there,then keeps shooting seth and sara,and then they escaped to the next town,then they arrived here at a wester town,then find some wherae to eat and get gas because they were out of gas,then they eat in a restaurant,then they meet a man that they were apart of a band,then they want too be apart too,then at the gas station,they were geting gas,while spongebob and jack got a call from calamitous and burke,that they needed the aliens so that they were ggoing to experiment the new aliens of the unknown and use them for weapons.then the two tells them to chose the children or them,THEN they cut the call,then they went to warn them,then calamitous and burke were going too get them,then the nicktoons and the children they playing in band,and then spongebob and jack,were trying too warn them,then they need a way out of here,then they tried the roof,it is only place for escape,then they went up the roof,then they telled the people of the wester town,that don't tell the goverment or burke's agents to get this children they might dissected them,then they agreed,and they make their escape on the ground,and they hear something outside behind them,it was a junkyard dog,about to attack them,then sara speaked to the dog,because they needed to stop it.And then they wanted how did sara talked to the dog,because seth thinks that sara used his telepathic powers,to calm that dog,then they ran back to the taxi,then burke's agents and calamitous was here capture the children because they wanted the same thing,then they united,then then one of burke's agents found them,then they were out side right now,then they went into the taxi,and then junkyard,wanted to come with,them then they needed too have a pet,then jack,won't allow it,then bullet shots were shooting from burke's men,then jack think that junkyard can come with them.Then they went out of town,then they went to las vegas,then they needed to find someone that they know about space things shape and size,

mission 49:ah dang it(part 1 of 4) [you guessed it,cortex is mad with iris turning into a cowigirl,and you know what? it happened of nowhere!!!

mission 50:calico jack's interdimensional treasure (parts 1 though 20) the nicktoons and other cartoons including the octonauts have to find things in their worlds to build a giant laser to save the multiverse from a huge meteor but they forgot an important part which powers the laser, and its called the crystal duck!

mission 51:the crystal duck *to be added*

mission 52: duck's interdimensional adventures: mission duck 

  • to be added*
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