Sandy Cheeks

is a squirrel who is SpongeBob's closest friend after Patrick.She also has a crush on SpongeBob, some say.She has many air breathing pets like a worm named wormy who turns into a butterfly, a snake, bird, and cricket. She is the series' only land-based character (originally from Texas which she is very protective of), but lives in a large underwater home known as the "Treedome", which contains a large oxygen producing oak tree and is sponsored by three primate scientists who provide her with grants so she can invent mechanical devices and conduct research. She is a scientific genius, practices karate with SpongeBob, and enjoys extreme sports. The only reason she taught SpongeBob karate was so she could have a punching bag, and that as was revealed in "King of Karate", when Sandy said she taught him everything he knows, she then said that wasn't much.