The Mawgu is the Main antagonist from the video game Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island. He is first heard at summoners rock as he tells the Wise Old Crab that he is a fool and that he cannot be stopped.So he uses his powers to scatter the nine but Spongebob and Danny Phantom still end up together and with the Wise Old Crab. He lives in the volcano on volcano island. His goo turns anything it touchs evil as he creates sand monsters, giant sand monster, grass monsters, crystal monsters, and turning King Gorge evil.

Charecteristics: The Mawgu is a very angry creature. And is easily annoyed and does not like his powers and abilities to be underestimated. As shown when Timmy Turner calls him a toy monster he forgets about Spongebob and Danny Phantom and goes after Timmy, Patrick, Sam, and Sandy.

Final Moments: The Mawgu is not dead and not even in the same universe. He is trapped in another dimension by the power of the rift. But as he is sucked in to the rift(after he is defeated by Danny Phantom and Spongebob) he vows that it is not over and he will be back.