Tucker Foley is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series Danny Phantom, created by Butch Hartman and designed by Shannon Tendell and Stephen Silver. He is one of Danny's two best friends, the other being Sam Manson. He is voiced by Rickey D'Shon Collins.


Coming from a family of science, the idea of Danny gaining knowledge in the field of technology was too much, so Tucker was created in his stead as both best friend and computer expert. His name are combined from two actor surnames: Chris Tucker and Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy's character from Beverly Hills Cop.)


Tucker is cited as Danny's closest friend, having been together "since forever". He is a techno-geek who mostly helps Danny out through the use of his PDA; to which he can hack into various technological systems He is also a strict meat eater, able to keenly smell meat from afar. Only once in his life has he had to eat veggies (in order to save his friends). He is deathly afraid of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and snakes. He can also speek Esperanto which he uses to speek to Wolf.

Despite his lack of popularity, Tucker constantly plays himself off as a ladies' man, claiming he has "style, charm, and good looks," but is quickly denied by many of the girls in the series.

Tucker is quick to display jealously and is easily corrupted by his vices. He constantly looks for attention and admiration, but is often ignored or abused. He, however, remains the most lighthearted of the trio, often spouting jokes.


Tucker remains as one of two (Sam being the other) to witness Danny's Fenton Portal accident that gave him his ghost powers. Though he often expresses his awe for Danny's powers, he quickly becomes envious when he realizes the two are no longer in equal terms. His wishful thinking causes Desiree to give him his own set of rapidly increasing ghost powers. It is through Danny that Tucker is rendered normal.

His yearning to be seen and heard by the school and his own friends caused Tucker to unsuccessfully try and run for school president against popular jock, Dash Baxter. A latter visit to the museum on a school field trip causes Tucker to awaken Hotep-Ra, a mummy ghost and past servant of the ancient king, Duulaman who coincidentally shares common facial features with Tucker. Using him, Hotep corrupts the boy into ruling over his High School so that he may take over his kingdom afterwards. Danny once again saves his life after apologizing.

Tucker later plays a big role in conducting and organizing the giant machinery that turned the entire planet intangible, triggered by the many ghosts who used their intangibility. This was to prevent the collision of an Ecto-coated asteroid. He is later given the position of mayor of Amity Park when previous major Vlad Masters is abandoned.