the movie is about danny and walter and lisa playing a game.and then the nickelodeons were here too defeat the villians.then they played a game that has destorying the whole house and uniteing zathura aliens from the villains from the alternate galaxies .they must stop them from taking over the galaxy.and geting back home.

Story Edit

The movie beings with the nicktoons were after the evil syndicate,then they were going in the wormhole inside the portal.and then danny and walter were having a garage sale.and then lisa was here.then they were selling zathura too neighbors and then their sale was finshed.and then they bored.and then they saw lisa was watching tv and then danny walter was were palying baseball and then lisa was mad for her brothers for hiting her three times.and then she chased them then he ruined her dad's work's and then their dad's saw the work's he made and he is mad at walter,danny,lisa and he grounds them.and then he went to sleep with his wife and then walter and danny were playing games.and then she was going up to her room and then she was watching teen people and then she saw walter and danny throwing a ball to her window and then the ball hit her tv and then she got mad at them and then she chase them to the inside of the house to the upfloor and then she finds them.then they were in the dumbwaiter two of them.then she has found them then she punshed them both of them by senting them to the basement and then the boys were inside the basement.then they were at the basement and then they heard a sound.then they run to the exit and then they found a new game.and then they went back up the steps.then the two telled lisa that she is mean.then that lisa that they should not go in there.then they telled lisa that she should play.and then she woulded.then danny played the game and then the nicktoons were here to defeat the syndicate.

Then professor calamitous and beautiful goreous,vald,crocker,team rocket,losers,foop,the serpentine,and then mr cheek,kat,the commander's Son.then they out numbered and then they went to that mysterous house.then the nicktoons locked the door.and then they breaked into the house they tryed because this door is 5.meters thick.then Back to the kids.and then danny's rocket has 5 paces to the picture that looks like metors.then a card came out of the game.then danny readed the card.he saided,meteorites take action.and then the meteor went through the card.then They take cover inside the fireplace.then they have stoped and then the big meteor went on the floor.then missed and then the tv was safe.and then they find out that their in space.and then lisa screamed because their in space.and then they went too mom and dad's room.and they waked dad up and then he telled him about a rule that they are not allowed to enter until they have they have too warn them some thing.that they must see outside then their parents were late.then they were geting ready for work.then they try too tell them but they woulden listen and then.the nicktoons were still blocking the door.then it stoped.then the nicktoons opens the door then they find out they were in space.then calamitous,crocker,vald,plankton,beautiful goreous,team rocket,team galactic,kat,the others were going too the back door.because they were in space too.then they were playing a game.then they made a cryonic sleep on their parents when lisa was frozen inside her bathroom.then they saw their parents frozen in cryonic sleep for long.then they readed the game back inside the box.then they only needed too reach zathura again by going too the black hole like last time in their past.then lisa saw someone inside their home.then he just wach them into the head and the nicktoons waked up from their sleep.then they find a boy and brother and their sister.they were tied up on chair with some rope.Then they told them that whats their names.they meet danny,walter,lisa.then they told them too get these ropes off.then they told the nicktoons what their names.then they meet spongebob,timmy with cosmo and wanda and poof,danny,jimmy neutron,ash ketchum,iris,cilan,dawn,coop,dennis,fiona,ninjas,nya,crash,cortex,nina,chicken little,runt,abby,wreck it ralph,fix it felix jr.they were here too stop our villains evil plans.then they told them that why is their house in space.because they this game has cards too make reality real then they needed to go too zathura back too the start.then walter takes his turn.then another card says that his robot is back to help.then lisa,walter,danny.remembers when the robot attacks.and it helps them.then they hear some it and it was robot and it was back.then it remembers them and the robot does'n remember those other people so he trys too destory them.then they told the robot to stop then it obey's the children then he teleports he was on his robot planet.with underground base with tubes long tubes that leads too sectors.then they have a little talk then more robots were here too take them too the detenion level.then the robot tells them too spare them.then they taked them too the robot council.then they were going too the robot council then every robot.was here then they told them that why they were here.then they tolded them too save the robots.then they were telling them that what they afraid about.then the people of evil have destoryed us.for since.then they don't know why.then they want the people too clone us too take over the zathura.then they told them that they could clone danny,walter, robots under command.and do too something too their parents including them.then they joined them for help.then they went back too the house for teleaporting too their house.then they were still stuck in space.then they keep playing then the next card comes out.then they were sucked into the sun then.mean while at the house.their villains were still inside the house.then they reached in the liveing room then they found jimmy's bag then they found some weapons they can use for galaxy domination.then they used their evil laugh for evil.then they landed on too the sun planet.ground then they were looking for life.then they went too find some life they found flying jellyfish on this who can live.then they were captured by those evil people.then they needed too rescue them then they reached a farm.then they converting power too their machines then.they free the jellyfish then their machines were shutdown.then they went into the barn.then they saw some one attacking them then it was mysterious blue lady.who was telling them that their villians and some kid and animal was here too kidnapp their friends.then they saw otis,abby,pip,pig,bessy.then the nicktoons freed them then they told her what happen.then they saw those flying creatures in the sky then tshe told them that she was owner of this farm.then they moved on then they bring some food with them then they keep looking too find life.then they fell into a slide with three then they were reaching the end of the slide.then the lava move because there's some thing inside the lake then they meet mr melty.that danny calls him then he was going too attacked them they they closed their eyes.then he did'n attacked them he needes some help from them again.then some people were making him into alike robot like him every thing in the zathura galaxy.then they will help him and both of them.then they were going back too their house the robot teleporting again.then they were back home.then jimmy shows his backpack where his inventions is there then.lisa,walter,danny.showed inside his backpack.then they don't see any inventions inside his backpack.then jimmy thinks thats impossible that they were here a five minutes ago.then jimmy thinks that some one stole their weapons.then they keep on playing the game then another card pulled out of the game says a zorgon prince is sick.then they find some 12 baby sitters here then they think that they are taking care off them.then they look like some people.then they find some one in their house then they they found a human then he is a zorgon in human form where he was sick.then they get him too lisa's room.then they got a anitdote find the ingredients then they sent cosmo and wanda and poof too look the ingredients.then they find some ingredients they jimmy anitdote list then they found it.then lisa and her brothers remember the zorgons that want too eat them because they are meat they are meat.then they found a ingredients for the antidote.then they maked the antidote then calamitous got a mysterious massage from meadows who is one of the prince hydron then.who has just maked a deal too them then they needed some too test their new experiment too make verion robots too take over all the world.then calamitous and the others made a deal with them then.then lisa,walter,danny,and the nicktoons and the others helped the intergalacitc prince too get too danny's bed.then they get the antidote in the zorgon's prince mouth.then they feed it with meat.then the zorgon prince begins too attack then they told him too stop because they saved him then he began too talk.then they know that he knows english.then thinks that he knows about zathura that he used the robot too attacked them then he just saw the robot too attack him with a sword then they told each other too stop.then they find out that they are dealing with a new enemy here some where in this get back too lisa,walter, they went too the game then they keep on playing then the next card went poping out then they find out that the zorgons were back for revenge.then they find out their lights that they found them then they find out that they are friendly then they start fireing their then they find out that they are not friendly then they fire at everything.then they hide into the fireplace then stand like stuff.then they hide.Then they find them dressed up into house objects.then they went into lisa's room then they had lots some talk then they continued firing then they keeped playing the game.then another card came out of the game.then lisa readed the card.then it said,malfunction.then lisa does'n know what that means.then she used the card then they fired at then she screamed and ducked and both.then they told them too keep playing.then they begin too keep looking for them then another card went out and then it says rescue 6 diffrent remening people,then danny does'n know what that means.then they hear some one outside.then then they find a comunication in some system then they find out that they are in a base a space base that is in asteroid belt.then they told the robot too go too the base then the robot used his jetpacking too get there.then they made it then they were finding the comunication some where in the base.then they find the comunication some where inside the base.then they find the comunication on the computer then they got a comunication from dan,and future walter who is back.then they told them too get too the hanger and meet them their then the they told them that location is sector 12.then they told them too watch out for the zorgon then the nicktoons don't know what a zorgon is.then the three told them that a zorgons are a race of lizard men they eat meat.they are meat.then they hear some one breaking the roof.then they saw the zorgons then they don't move then the zorgon attacked.then they duck before the alien killed them.then they were opening the door then the door was locked because the door lock was broke.then nya helped fiona fix the the doorlock.then they are coming too them then they fixed the door.then they ran inside quick.then they dissable the doorlock.then they split up into two teams and call each others team names.then they fight the zorgons and the evil people along the way.then they pass through the lasers.then the outside of space.then they were all most here.then they were geting the comunication from another computer near the enterance.then future walter told them that they needed too get out of here.then they needed too get rid of that bug on spongebob's back.then they got rid the bug by hiting it with the shovel.then the bug was dead then.the zorgons and evil people were here terminate them.then the robot comes for their help.then the robot defeats the zorgons and the people.then they went on the elevator and escaped then they were here.then they were at the ship just like they asked,they were not here then the nicktoons meeted dan kuso,and future walter.then they were having lots of talk.then they needed too get out of here then a zorgon grabed fiona's leg. then she attacked the zorgon.then zorgon went down.then she looked at the defeated zorgon then it just got up.then it fired rocks at her.then she runed inside the ship.then the ship went too their house then.the nicktoons were looking inside the containment tubes and they saw dan's friends inside because they were in cryonic sleep by those evil villains from alternate universes.then they needed too free them then they free them by useing the code.then they free them then they bring them too lisa's room.then they will wake up soon.then dan told them that who spined two of them.then the three did it then dan and walter told them that they got the same problem here.then the two of them tooo hide.then danny think if they hide they will destory the house.then they told them that they are going too hide the house.then they turned off the heating too stop the zorgons destorying the house.then they needed too find some object too trick those evil people and the zorgons.then they used the wood in jimmy's bag.then they set fire on all the wood then throwed the wood into space then they followed the wood.then they were still playing the game then lisa taked a turn too get their before her brothers.then she has been gived too space captain.then two of his brothers were playing then he was having a card then he was second in commanded.then danny takes a turn then he has card for him.then he was reading the card then danny pressed the hyper cube and then the object was sucked inside then too the dead planet and they needed too go there then they could take care of dan's friends and rescue danny.then they split up.then calamitous and the others heard everything.then plan b was according to plan.then the aliens off the dead planet was looking at the small object falling from the sky.then the object was crashlanding on the ground then the object landed on the ground.then the hyper danny out by the landcrashing.then danny went into the outside of the dead planet.then there's someone attacking danny and leading him into a trap.then he was runing away from them and geting through dangers and elements from the outside and then he was runing away from a creature that pops out of the ground.and chaseing him.then two alien guards were surounding him then they lead them into the trap.then he was not alone.was with five people.then they were taking them too the stone goddess.then at the dead planet the nicktoons and the others were here then they were begining too look for him.then they found jimmy's hypercube here then they founded some footprints they look fresh then they began too sniff the tracks and they look fresh.then they followed danny track.then it just stoped here then nya founded the cave.then they followed the cave.then they hear danny voice.then two alien guards were blocking their way then they were going too take them too the chamber of the stone godess.then they were going too the chamber.then they found danny.and the monsuno team were capture by those aliens and then the stone goddess tells them too save them from those mysterious villains from alternates universes.then too make verions robots of those aliens and humans.with weapons inside when they attack planets.then dan made a deal too them then they free the monsuno team and danny.then they went back too the house by the robot teleporting.then they back home then kai comunicates them because he needs some help.then they went inside her room then they saw him holding his arm.then dan told shun too stop then shun thinks dan is alive.then his friends spared them.then their parents were returning from their cryonic state.then lisa hears someone coming too her room then lisa thinks that their parents are coming too her room.then they told all of them too hide.then all of them too hide.then lisa tells her parents too have some talk outside her room.then poof accident by puting on the cloth on the lamp.then he flys like a ghost.then back too lisa talking too their parents then they were still talking that she and her brothers nevered maked a mess.then she told them about the problem outside then she telled them too follow her.then kai finds out that the coast is clear.then wanda calls poof then wanda saw his magic toy on the floor then everyone screams.then they were looking for poof.then they find out that he went outside and dress up into a ghost.then they screamed again.then they went after poof.then back too lisa again then she shows their mom and dad.that we have new babysitters.then they looked like small and big and all shape and sizes.then they hear something then they saw a ghost.then the three screamed.then they runed then the nicktoons and danny,walter,and the others.heard poof.he was down stairs.then they ran too poof then three were still runing from poof as a ghost.then the three ran into the nicktoons and the others.Then the two screamed then they maked them come too poof and then They pulled lisa's robe then the two saw poof and then they thinked that is a fairy baby by cosmo and wanda.then their parents meeted everyone.then they mira just telled their parents too calm down.then they went too room.then the lights.were off then they were attacked.then they taked cover then they tolded their babysitter too get out.then the shooters were still firing then they were out of energy.then danny attacked then they turned on the light.then they find out that their babysitters are behind all this.then they maked them talk.then they were working togther with more villains from dan's universe.then calamitous and the others villains.used the smoke bomb.them then they were gone.then nya told them too come outside too have a look see.then they found calamitous and the others were escapeing on a spacecraft.then spongebob puts a homing device on their spacecraft.then they needed too follow that spacecraft.then they needed too use future walter rocket too follow that spacecraft too find the evil station in the universe.then they were going too get some food.and some way too get through the zorgon fleet and the evil people.then fiona told everyone that at back the station.that the zorgon was'n it was a robot in zorgon form.then they they needed too think of a way too get through the zorgon fleet and the evil people.then they have an idea.then calamitous and the others were here at prince hydron's castle.then they talked then they have new problems in their new plan.for revenge.and take over the universes.then they finshed talking then hydron gives them officer x a animal control officer.Who has some enemys.then calamitous has some enemys too.then officer x and calamitous joined forces.then the nicktoons saw the game.then it was missing.they thinked that calamitous stole the game from their house.then they were geting some stuff for their adventure.then they were geting some help.and they callled penguins,king julian,mort,maurice,chester,a.j,mark chang,carl,sheen,cindy,libby.then they were telling them why their in space.then they told them that they are inside a game.then they needed too save the universe.then they were going too the asteroid belt with the prince.then their parents sayed good bye too them for their adventure.then they were going and going and going.and they were here.then they saw many zorgon and evil people ships every where.then walter told the robot that defeat those zorgons and evil people.then the robot went out too get through the fleets.then the robot attack the ships on the star board.then after the attack all the ships attacked the robot and then danny cryed about the robot.then lisa told him that he has no time for the attack.then they got pass the blockade.then they they made it too prince hydron's castle.then they were inside their hanger.then they got out of the ship and find the game.then they split up into three teams.then they find the game in the city.then they find out that they find the factory.for the building of the robots.and for hologram of the how are they alike and test them for the universe domination.then they founded meadows.then they find out that her name is'n meadows it is mylene and she is with the vestals and they are the evil vexos were behind all was them who sent calamitous too capture them.and it was two of them who capture the zorgons and make them into robots that they look alike.and it was her who capture and dress up and maked a new name and capture and free oits and pig and abby and bessy.and it was her who capture all the flying creatures in the sun and making power source for the factory that they make robots.then mylene is ready for her attack on them with her bakugan.and then mira has got this then she told them too go.find the others.she's has got this.then they began too battle.then danny and the others were still finding the game.then they found a tunnel then they went inside.then they were following the light.then the light led them into a storage then they a robotic zorgon face.then they screamed then shun tells them too came down because their is no one home.then nya told them that they should see this.then they see planktopolis and others city of the vexos and the other villains and the zorgon.then spongebob knows planktopolics in his past.then spongebob told him that we defeated plankton and his mind control minion like spongebob neighbors.and put his city ruins.then they think that his city and calamitous and the other villains.maked their own.and his city is now they needed too find out their plan and find the game too get back home.then they went into the city before their minions arrive.then they were in the city.then they were finding the game.then baron has saw someone inside that was a mermaid.then baron follows her then the others saw baron and a widow following.her too some where.then they followed the two of them too.then they followed them too the museum.then they found the game.then they found baron and the widow.that widow is that's right every one it is mindy and she is here.then she finds out that this is all their doing.then she has they key too the glass dome over it.they they open it then they free the game then they went out of the city.then they were back at the palace.then they were reunited with others once again.then danny told them that they are not evil people it is vestals and they were the ones who united calamitous and captureing all the aliens in the universe too make robots who are alike.then needed too find something too stop them.then back at the factory.mira and mylene were useing their bakugan for battle and then they were finding out that whom created the planktopolics,and then they were finding warhouses of zorgons whom were imprisoned by someone and then they found the zorgons they were inprisoned and then they remember the boy and his brother and then after they were a afraid of them for using that reprogram card and then they told them that they are friends.and then after they told us that what is going on and then they heard them and they were going too run again and they ran into lisa and then they find out that this is a robot version of lisa and then they were running again and again and then they were at the prison cells and then they found lisa and she was in a prison cell and then they meet

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